Personal Narrative Essay: Planning A Trip To The Disney World

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Four years ago we went to Disney World just my family and me, we had so much fun that we decided we would go again in four years. We started planning the next trip almost immediately; we were all so excited to go back. It was not going to be just us this time; my aunt and uncle’s family would be coming with us this time. I remember waiting those four years, and they felt like forever. When it finally came time to start packing (three days in advance) we made sure to prepare for what we did not last time. We had been there before so we knew what we should bring. We packed a bunch of snacks and a bunch of waters. Everything there is so expensive so we tried to cut down on buying extra food. The meal plan that we had gotten with our trip was prepaid …show more content…

We were going to meet them in the Magic Kingdom park after we were done. All of us caught at least two decently sized large mouth bass. My 10-year-old cousin caught the biggest fish. It was about 17 pounds and was 18 inches. We left the docks that were in our resort to walk to the bus stop that would bring us to the first park. Magic Kingdom is the most small child friendly park at Disney World. Most of the rides are slow and most of them are not considered thrill rides. Although all the parks have, a lot of scenery Magic Kingdom definitely has the most. There is a giant replica of the castle from Cinderella that can be seem from most parts of the park. We only rode a few rides while we were there but most of the fun at Disney World is the experience not the rides. For example, that day our supper reservations were in the Magic Kingdom and this restaurant was where you could find Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, and Tigger. I had to get a picture with Piglet because Piglet is the best. When we left, it was dark outside and there were fireworks that were so bright it was very easy to see even though it was dark and the lights were shut

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