Personal Narrative: Welcome To Walt Disney World

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When I was five, I created a culinary masterpiece in Norway, although it was quickly thrown away without as much as a taste. My loving parents decided to treat my older brother and me with a trip to the happiest place on earth, Walt Disney World. Being quite the princess enthusiast, I was extremely excited to meet Cinderella; my brother had bragged to all of his fifth grade buddies that he would conquer the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. Rounding the final turn, we pulled through the glorious gates that read, “Welcome to Walt Disney World!” The sheer joy I felt that day has remained with me, a child-like wonder, which shall endure for the full extent of my days. Quickly donning my Minnie Mouse ears, I scurried forward to keep pace with my family through the gates. Every cast member greeted me with the same refrain, “Welcome Princess!” Feeling as though I was the next Disney Princess, I viewed the world with the wondering eyes of an adolescent; the world glittered with pixie dust and infinite possibilities. The castle grew larger on the horizon, shining and sparkling with …show more content…

Cinderella was just as I had imagined her, wearing her glittering blue gown and her feet sheathed in the shoes–the glass slippers. Smiling, she greeted me saying, “Hello Princess!” We took a quick picture together, and she asked me if I was attending the ball that night. Giggling, I told her, “I’m not going to a ball.”
At the second park, Epcot, we embarked on a world tour. My brother and I were given masks to decorate and have signed by all the charming princes and enchanting princess we encountered along our journey. Each resided in their respective countries: Aladdin and Jasmine in Morocco, Alice in England, and Snow White in Germany. Taking a brief respite at a restaurant in Norway, which filled the air with the pleasing aroma of pastries, we refueled before the world tour continued, making the greatest mistake of the

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