What Was A Year Of Big Changes In The 1950's

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Research Rough Draft: 1950’s

In many ways 1950 was a year of big changes for America. 1950 was a year for perseverance for Americans, following World War II, society changed and advanced in many ways from major events, entertainment, and fashion.
Before World War 2, everyone was focused on providing for the war effort and not worrying about their way of life. However in the late 1950’s “automobile production led the way, and home construction followed as new homes and suburbs were created to house demobilized soldiers who now had access to low-cost mortgages” (Everside 8). Life was happy and serene and the middle class thrived. Also the war veterans got many advantages for their glorious service to the country. Another way the United States …show more content…

One of 1950’s most popular movies that is still around today is Cinderella, which is about “a beautiful young girl is forced into virtual slavery by her cruel, exploitative stepmother and jealous stepsisters” (“Cinderella” 2). In 1950 most movies and shows were based off a happy life and kept to the same generic styles. However, when Walt Disney released a spin on style and portrayed uniqueness with Cinderella, it roared with popularity. Cinderella sparked the movement for Disney and his successful company. Following the massive success of the famous fairytale, “he also had the foresight to pioneer ancillary merchandise and music rights from the film into major money makers, thus financing his ultimate dream project: the construction of Disneyland” (“Cinderella” 3). Not only was movies, TV, and music popular forms of entertainment in 1950, so was amusement parks. With the help of Cinderella and it’s money making success, Disney had the funds to create the everlasting fantasy world of Disneyland. Disneyland too, sparked a revolution for the creation of amusement parks around the world. Many forms of entertainment surfaced in the 1950’s, but baseball always seemed to be societies favorite. Moreover when segregation was still present in this time, baseball seemed to break these rules. Some, but not all all teams “integrated at their own pace, quicker in the National League than the American, and most of baseball’s integration took place in the 1950’s” (Rogers 2). Even though the Civil Rights act was not created until the 1960’s, change was made in the 50’s regarding civil rights. In the baseball industry teams were already starting to integrate African Americans in the

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