Narrative Essay On My Life At Six Flags

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On a balmy June afternoon in 2006, my parents and I stepped onto the Nitro roller coaster at Six Flags. I felt anxious but smiled; I had just barely cleared the 4’6” minimum and couldn’t wait to experience the massive drops. I didn’t think anything of it when my dad struggled to fit the safety belt over his stomach. The next day, however, Father’s Day, he couldn’t get out of bed because of appalling stomach pains torturing him. We went to the hospital, where he was diagnosed with with GIST (Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumors) Cancer, a rare disease with no known cure. It went from Nitro to Chemo. Four years later, when I was ten, I stepped up to my father’s casket to say my last goodbyes. Before I monitored my dad ache for 4 years, I never knew what depression truly was. I witnessed a person become so close to giving up. Besides comfort from peers, a psychiatrist played an outstandingly important role in his journey. His self esteem was boosted to a higher extent and he was reminded to fight for his life for the sake of his daughter and wife. Motivation was brought to him, making him go out, do chores, and socialize rather than agonizing in bed. I wholeheartedly believe without a psychiatrist assisting my father, he wouldn’t have been the strong man he was. …show more content…

Of course I am heartbroken from a huge piece of my life no longer existing, but it has taught me to become resilient and secure. Most teenagers tend to get breakdown when they go through arguments or departures with friends, however, I let things off more easily. During drama I can better maintain perspective and composure. Whenever I face a struggle, especially with an academic class, I push to excel by taking all opportunities to help me better improve such as: extra credit assignments, coming in early or staying late with teachers, and pushing myself harder than

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