2005 singles Essays

  • Pet Girl: A Short Story

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    Living on a pet store for almost all her life has been pretty boring. She’d always wondered why is it that no one ever took her home. All she did is stay in her cage, eat and sleep. She was just a little puppy that liked to recieve love gestures, food and a lot of sleep. She was born on the streets and a good man took her there. She prefered being there than on the streets because there she had a shelter, food, baths and good care. She never actually met anyone. I mean she had but after a few weeks

  • Growing Up Persuasive Speech

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    INTRODUCTION I am back! This is Louis and I am back to share with you the long awaited formula. Got Shaving Bumps? Ingrown Hairs? Shaving Rashes? If you are a man of color, which we all have, and have thick or thin, coarse or fine curly hair on your beard and other unmentionable places, then, you probably have them. If not then count yourself as being very fortunate. Hello! I’m Louis and let me be the first to say congratulations on taking your first step in the battle to fight shaving bumps, ingrown

  • Civil Rights In Lorraine Hansberry's A Raisin In The Sun

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    As far back as humans have studied, music has been one of the ultimate symbols of time. Instruments and music compositions have shown historians how people were living and the struggles they faced. Even the song “Yankee Doodle” possessed historical significance, providing a deeper and almost comical understanding of the tension between the British and the Americans during the American revolution. In the mid 1900s, artists such as Aretha Franklin, Billie Holiday, and Mahalia Jackson sang songs relating

  • Reasons Why Teenagers Start Smoking

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    Can you believe that 90 percent of smokers begin smoking before they reach the age of 21? That is the youth of this generation smoking even before they have become mature adults. Smoking is a common problem, and it causes devastating effects. These effects will ruin their life. Not only do adults smoke, but because of their bad influence, young adolescents have started smoking. Now that they have started to smoke, they are having a hard time trying to quit. Accidently or on purpose, teenagers get

  • Argumentative Essay On Toddlers And Tiaras

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    How many of you have heard or seen the reality TV show: “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo”, or the more renowned, “Toddlers and Tiaras?”. It is a show where little girls below the age of ten, appear on stage wearing loads of makeup, tons of spray tan, with their nails done, fake hair and fake teeth to be judged on their beauty, personality and costumes. Parental ambitions make their children socially challenged, Leading them to feel unconnected to other children and even resulting in permanent mental and

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Cohabitation

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    Cohabitation is not a new phenomenon yet never be old and likely to be more and more popular in modern life. Despite opposing ideas, many people agreed and supposed cohabitation necessary for their lives. When we go to some areas where students rent rooms or houses to live, you can easily see couples live together as young people are now really familiar with cohabitation. Cohabitation is similar to a mathematics operation, it would give out the result but whether it is right or wrong depends on how

  • Persuasive Essay: Why Students Should Not Have Graded Homework?

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    Imagine yourself on a Friday and your just sitting in your desk, staring at the clock waiting for the bell to ring, well Cris lived it. Cris has plans for the weekend today he's going to a friend's house and tomorrow he is going to the mall and as an early Christmas present his parents gave him two hundred dollars to spend at the mall, he just can't talk for the weekend and then he heard this “The homework for the week will be a 5-10 thousand word essay on how The Happy Birthday song was made and

  • Personal Narrative: Life After Surgery

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    "You can 't come Jason they won 't let you in!" My mother raised her voice, "You have school tomorrow and you have to sleep!". I took a breath, "mom, I don 't care I must see her!" I snap, "I dont care about anything or anyone I am coming with you!" "No your not" "Mom I don 't want anything to happen and if something does then I have to be there one last time!" My mother glances at me and says," Alright. Fine. But you will go to school tomorrow even if your dead tired". I grab my jacket and

  • Personal Narrative: What Happened After My First Drink

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    Who would have thought what began as a voluntary choice to pick up a drink, have fun, be happy would end with me being diagnosed as an alcoholic, not me! Drinking to that extent was never my intention. My drinking did not always end in disaster, in the begging I was having a ball. Let me explain how drinking, defined me. Prior to drinking, I was shy, insecure, unhappy and self conscious. Too scared of being rejected, I rarely spoke to anyone, or held the gaze of another person. That all changed

  • The Stamp Act Analysis

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    Tonight, a warm summer night in 1765, I was sitting down with my family for dinner. News had spread around that there was a recent act passed by the motherland, called The Stamp Act. “I find this... odd, that 's all.” I spoke to my wife, Mary, looking to my dinner in front of me. “You know, this... “Stamp Act” being passed.” My family and I had just sat down for dinner, and I figured I would bring up the subject. “Honey... what do you think?” “I think it 's horrendous.” She spat. “By touching

  • Short Story 'The Twilight Zone: The Shelter'

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    The Twilight Zone: The Shelter “Or you can stay in there and we’ll bust our way in,” said Frank. “There’s no point of doing that,” said Bill. “I suggest that you guys go and find somewhere to keep your families safe. I really don’t want to do this but I have to. I’m sorry.” “You can’t do this to us!” yelled Frank. Frank starts banging on the door, but Jerry tries to hold him back. “Frank, there is no point of trying, he won't let us in. We need to go find somewhere safe so we don’t die from the

  • Summary: The Melting Pot Of Mask

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    The Melting Pot of Masks Masks are everywhere you go; everyone that obscures something by wearing a mask thinks that it can be beneficial or harmful. In order to hide your identity, you will have to choose one side. Which side will you defend and go against or will you support both sides? Masks have been known for many years and have been used for many reasons such as persona, intentions, feelings or maybe even to scare little kids during Halloween. Sometimes people that wear a mask are being

  • Deaf N Jug Observation

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    I arrived at the Loaf N Jug located at 59 S. Curtis at 10:15 a. m. and observed 7 cars in the parking lot and 3 cars purchasing fuel. The exterior of the building was clean, well maintained and the overall appearance was inviting. Entering the store, the cashiers were engaged with customers so I proceeded to walk up and down the aisles looking at the shelves and floor area. They both appeared stocked and organized. All products were pulled toward the front of the cooler and doors had no visible

  • The Sheriff: A Fictional Narrative

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    “Chuck, tell him to get back in the house and mind his business,” a boy finally said, grabbing some rocks and threw them hitting the fence. “All right you little brats, I’m calling the sheriff! Then you’ll get out of there and stay away from me,” he said, knowing the sheriff would only tell them to get out of the field. As soon as he left, they would be right back there playing again. “The way those stupid assed kids play out there, I’m surprised that at least one of them hasn’t fallen into one

  • Bigfoot: A Short Story

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    The problem is sustainability. He is a secret and I love to gossip, he is a recluse and I love to go out, he speaks in roars and I speak plain American English. The problem is in the sustainability of this relationship, I told Buster a year into Rick and I’s marriage that I loved Bigfoot, and he said it would never work. In his woofs, he did not get how we could “magically” keep it up. How we could “magically” be in a relationship to start with, he swore he never existed and said I should go for

  • Discussion Of Religion In David Foster's Good People

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    In the short story “good people” author David foster demonstrate that religion believe can have an impact on our life , and some people may take it as a consideration in their life , because they believe in things they think is the right thing to do they take religion as the way of getting away with it. The short story starts with lane and Sheri at a picnic table at a park by the lake, and sitting on the right side under downed trees it shallows half hidden by the bank. The downed tree is

  • The Forest Monologue

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    Hi, I’m Becca and I’m here to tell you the story about how I became a survivor. It all began about two years ago in August when my friends Jamie, Paul, Brad and I heard a legend about some sort of creature lurking in the woods nearby. When my friends and I heard about this we got very curious, could there really be a creature lurking in the woods? Is it dangerous? There’s only one way to find out, to spend the night in the woods. A day after we heard the legend I got a call from Brad. “Hello.”

  • Suzie Alternate Ending

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    she's seventeen and getting married she still doesn't seem to notice the weirdness of it all. From the inside of their apartment complex, Suzie noticed her best friend Athena sitting outside on the bench, with the biggest smile it almost looked like she was smiling to herself. Suzie walks outside and approaches her best friend Athena. “Athena spit it out! Why are you so damn happy?” said Suzie. You can see the confusion on Suzie’s face, looking at her best friend with concern. Athena looks at Suzie

  • Definition Essay On Ambition

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    Juan Orellana Professor Mark Rocksworld ENG 121 18 October 2015 Ambition Everyone has a different ambition therefore the word itself has many different definitions depending on who you ask. Some may say it’s a compliment others may take it as in insult. Do you strive to be the best? Or do you scorn with triumph? As for me it is a burning urge, a desire for achievement, to succeed, to have dedication, to carry motivation. It’s what’s propels me to work toward my set goals. It has led people from

  • Prologues: A Fictional Narrative

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    (Ana was curious on where Christian was taking her. He told her they were going on a romantic getaway. He just didn't specify where they were going. She knew they would have fun as they always did. She noticed he pulled into the 'Village Inn' hotel. She couldn't help the surprised look on her face. That hotel was very expensive. She knew her boyfriend was wealthy. She just didn't know why he chose that one) Ana: "Babe?" Christian: "Yeah?" Ana: "Not that I mind you bringing me here, but..." Christian: