Walking Essays

  • The Advantages And Benefits Of Walking Outdoors

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    Walking Outdoors There are many advantages of walking outdoors, preferably in the park or around a track, or even in and around your own neighborhood. 1. You get to breathe fresh air 2. The environment changes depending on where you are, and this can be refreshing 3. You get a chance to interact and mingle with other people 4. If walking during the day, you can benefit from sunlight and get Vitamin D You can always vary your routine depending on your mood. Some people generally walk around their

  • Personal Narrative Essay: Walking To Nowhere

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    Walking to Nowhere We woke up bright and early on Monday morning, January 30th, and prepared for our long day that we had ahead of us. We had decided that we were going to hike Dragon’s Back, the Hong Kong equivalent of Mount Major, and then go on to the bird market, flower market, goldfish market, and jade market. We also had to check out of our hotel by 1 pm and our flight to Manila left at 8 pm. We left our hotel by 7 am and took the MTR to the bus terminal where we took the number 9 bus to the

  • Metaphors In The Walking Dead

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    the use of metaphor contributes to highlighting humanity, moral ethics and values within AMC’s zombie-apocalypse television series ‘The Walking Dead’. The eight-year-running TV show ‘The Walking Dead’, which is based on a comic, is a post-apocalyptic television series where a group of survivors fight to stay alive in a world amongst ‘Walkers’, which are the walking dead (Zombies). AMC have brought deep meaning into the TV series by using drama character’ personal stories and their journeys throughout

  • Personal Narrative Essay: Walking At The Shelton Friend's Life

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    I was walking on a dark, dreary, long and empty road where no existence of a mortal could be found, except for the trees which stood along the pavements of the road. It was after midnight on 13th December, 1989. I was walking fast to reach my friend’s house near Shelton Market. The reason for visiting my friend so late was the illness of his beloved wife. As a doctor, I accepted his plea to see his wife who had been suffering from tuberculosis for the past six months. They got married a year ago

  • Creative Writing: I Was Walking Alone On The Forest

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    I was walking alone on the forest."Ugh! It's raining and no one’s here" as I talk to myself. As I was walking, I heard some creepy sound that's coming from behind my back. The sound was getting louder and louder. But all I can see was woods everywhere. I didn’t know what to do, so I started to scream. I scream for help, but nobody came and then I realized that there wasn’t anyone except for me. I started to run, but I felt like someone was following me. I turned around to see who was it, but didn’t

  • Personal Narrative: Walking Down The Streetss Of New York City

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    I can still remember my Spring break of 2017, walking down the streets of New York City. The lights, people, stores, restaurants, and even entertainment. Walking down these streets had left me speechless because I have never experienced something like that before in my life. It was definitely an experience and I feel like everyone should have the chance to visit the big apple! Taxi doors slamming shut, homeless people shaking their empty tins for money, and loud car horns are running through

  • Personal Narrative Essay: Walking My Way Back To School

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    I remember walking my way back to school, feeling my skin tingle from the cool, wintery air. I always took the same route back to my house, on the same sidewalk, where all the same houses were located. These houses were all relatively new, with our family having only moved in two years ago. My neighborhood would constantly expand to new unclaimed territory to accommodate new houses. The bus station that I had come off of was at this odd point.You could see clearly where they had expanded the street

  • Essay On Walking And Walking

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    Comparison between Cycling and Walking as a Form of Exercise “Life is meant for good health and great adventure.” How do we start healthy lifestyle? Why make it healthy? Every year people tend to die primitively because of the pollutions impact. The death caused by traffic pollution are numerous and even more relevant than death caused by accidents. Cycling and walking are the two major no-fuel-consuming and non-polluting forms of transportation (Benefits of Cycling and Walking, n.d). And active transportation

  • Walking Safari

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    MARA WALKING TRAILS The savannah is the ultimate safari destination that captures the heart, mind and soul of any traveller. Follow the Mara game trails deeper into the pristine wilderness as you experience and marvel at the nature that surrounds you. Walk on the same path as the elephants and other wildlife, feel the wind through your hair as you hear a lion roar in the distance. Your senses will awaken, as the wilderness becomes part of your environment. Day 1 As you disembark at Ol Seki airstrip

  • Technology And Technology: The Consequences Of Cell Phones

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    Imagine you are walking down the street of an American city and you look around. You see them walking down the streets completely oblivious to what is going on around them. They try to cross a street without looking to see if traffic has stopped or even if they are in a crosswalk. These people even walk into nearby structures, such as walls or poles, and people. They are distracted by their small, little, handheld devices such as cell phones and tablets. Devices such as these distract nearly everyone

  • Why Hike-What Is Hiking?

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    Hiking is a form of walking, undertaken with the specific purpose of exploring and enjoying the scenery. It usually takes place on trails in rural or wilderness areas. History of Hiking About one and a half million years ago, mankind learned how to stand upright and walk. So in some way, you could say that Hiking was developed during the Stone Age. Nowadays, when we talk about Hiking and Trekking, we mean it in the pastime sense of the word. It is hard to say when walking as a means of hunting

  • Should Cars Be Allowed To Use Cars

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    order to reduce smog. In Bogota, Colombia a program was created where people have been prohibited to use their cars while only allowing buses or taxis. This results in, less pollution for the environment and for people to reduce stress by hiking, walking or taking buses. It is more efficient for civilizations to limit car usage because it reduces stress, greenhouse gases, and there are more inexpensive ways of traveling.

  • Descriptive Essay On Cuba

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    fleeting, judgement difficult. The Art Long. Wandering the streets of Old Havana is like walking into a living museum. The art is manifested in many different ways. I joined a walking tour that started at the San Francisco de Assis plaza with the old basilica and monastery. While the colonial maybe the main centerpiece, the plaza was surrounded by other colorful buildings dressed in intricate details Our walking tour was interrupted by a visit to Teatro Retazos to watch some dance performances. Teatro

  • Descriptive Essay On A Red Dress

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    She is still standing there, confused as ever, trying to choose between the gray and the black trousers. Reluctantly, she takes out a gray shirt and black trouser, thinking that this boring formal color will help her mix with the crowd. She is now walking on the road, on her way to the office, from the point where the shuttle drops her. A fair, tall and pretty girl with a fresh morning glow on her face, a beaming smile, and dreamy eyes. As always, she is conscious of the eyes on her and she is wondering

  • Personal Narrative Essay: Personal Experience In My Life

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    Fortunately, I had it. I started to remember the instructions of my mom. She told me to wait in the bus stop and the first bus that had brown and yellow lines was the bus that returned me to the house. So, I started walking to the bus stop. It was not as far as I thought. While I was walking, I felt that all the people were seeing me like a stranger. I was very scared that someone robbed me or put a gun in my head. But then, I forgot those horrible thoughts and started to see the large and magnificent

  • Park Observation

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    looked to be like 5-pound dumbbells in each of her hands. My attention was drifting away from the people walking the park to the louder and louder traffic noise on the busy main street of hamner. With people heading home from work, getting stuck in traffic, the sound of horns were enhancing and becoming a recurring sound. All in all, relaxation can easily be achieved at your local park. From walking your dog, to playing with your kids, the park is the perfect place for endless outdoor activities and

  • Causes Of Air Pollution Essay

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    You are in a car on your way to school and when glancing out the window you see the same yellow colored buildings in line. The air is dry and hazy, so you stick to staying indoors. You say bye to your mum as you hurry straight into the school building. This is the how your daily course to school usually goes, but many people don’t notice how far it’s gone because it’s become the new normal! City planners should rethink how they can design cities to make them more sustainable and better for their

  • Persuasive Essay On Owning A Grandfather

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    and the rest of the family was about to go down. Grandpa is the most stubborn man I know. He sometimes, in my opinion, will do the opposite of what people want just to prove that no one is the boss of Grandpa. That morning, Grandpa had a hard time walking around the hotel and did not feel like participating in the activities we had planned for the day. His knees do not work very well, and he can no longer walk long distances without becoming tired or having an aching pain. To help this problem, the

  • Personal Narrative: The Survivor: A Short Story

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    The Survivor He had lost track of how long they had been walking- It was more than a day and a half at least. The sun had already disappeared once before, leaving them in the freezing cold. They had stumbled on still, too scared to sleep and too cold to stay still. All Roy wanted was a good nap. He had lost the urge to eat ages ago( around the time they had to bury Tinas body so that the animals would not get to it), but his eyes drooped every second, desperate for rest. His best friend Connor

  • Importance Of Zoos And Aquariums

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    Imagine that you and your family are at the zoo. Then, as you are walking from exhibit to exhibit, you don’t see any animals.  Your family keeps walking and then you see some animals pacing in their exhibit. Everyone is wondering what is happening. Later in your visit you see everyone running away from the gorillas, then you see it. The zoo employees were killing a gorilla, but it wasn’t sick or hurting anyone else. Your family decides to leave, but in the car no one knows what to say about their