Argumentative Essay On The Walking Dead

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TV Show: The Walking Dead is a TV show that aired in 2010 and is still currently running. The show is based off the famous comic book serious. In the show, a zombie apocalypse has broke out and ordinary people must adapt in order to survive. The story focus; on a police officer Rick Grimes. Along the way, groups form and at some point suffer horrible losses. Throughout the show you meet a variety of characters and the worldviews they portray.

Theology: The presence of God is very inconsistent in The Walking Dead. I would say, overall, most of the characters are Christian and believe in God. For example, the character Gabriel is an accurate representation of a Christian theist worldview. Gabriel is a pastor who struggles with adapting …show more content…

There is theme of protecting not only yourself but also those you love. Because the majority of the world is zombies, the living characters become a family because there is not much left in the world. Many relationships form due to the circumstances of an apocalypse. The hero is Rick Grimes because he displays aspects of a well-rounded leader. As for the villains, there are several attacks between people and other people. This is ironic because humans should be working together to overcome the apocalypse. The relationships between people are crucial in the new world. They have to trust each other and rely on each other in order to survive. If they do not, the outcome can be devastating. Overall, people are very important because their actions affect the world they are …show more content…

Most characters are deists, meaning they believe in a God as a first cause and do not interact with him in their lives. However, there are some characters that represent a Christian theist worldview and avidly practice the Christian religion. Then there are the characters that have a worldview of a nihilist. These characters believe nothing matters and there is no purpose in living and most often end up committing suicide. Overall, the show provides a variety of worldviews through the portrayal of different

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