Fate In Bless Me Ultima And Whale Rider

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At some point in our life, there would be a time to ask ourselves: what is the true meaning of destiny, the word always associated with fate? Can it be controlled by humans or changed? Is it something that is decided already by the heavenly forces or is it a work-in-progress? The definition of this word is subjected to changed from person to person due to the differences in culture, religion, personality, character, and such. However, regardless of how a person defines the word, they will experience a chain of events leading to the discovery of their own fate. Two good examples would be Antonio, from Bless Me, Ultima, and Paikea, from Whale Rider. Antonio was a boy who struggled to reconcile his troubled experiences with his religion, and …show more content…

It helped them think more carefully and thoroughly about their decisions. Antonio knew it wasn’t proper for him to give his friend, Narciso, his last confession for he was “not a priest” (Anaya 170) and had not received the Sacrament of Holy Communion yet. However, it was the only way to save Narciso’s soul from damnation to the raging fires of hell and that made Antonio carry out his request. This showed morale because a good friend should try hard to save a friend and Antonio tried very hard to save Narciso’s soul. That decision affected the length of his childhood and impacted greatly on his future. For the rest of his life, Antonio would either feel guilty or have no regrets at all. In Paikea’s situation, there were times when Koro would say “She’s no use to me” (Ihimaera), and she would feel immensely discouraged and sometimes even tempted to leave to Germany with her father. However, against her Koro’s wishes, Paikea stayed in Whangara, an all-Maori society because she believed that the Maori people needed her, and that if she leaves, she won’t be able to fulfill her goals or prove anything. Her self-discipline will keep her home and fight for what she believes in. In both scenarios, self-discipline had helped them think it over before making decisions that would determine their futures. The only difference is the options they must choose

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