A Lesson Before Dying Literary Analysis

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Are we able to control our destiny or the outside forces? There are very good arguments about that but at the end of the day, I feel like we don’t control what happens to use in the future. Especially after I read the book, “A Lesson Before Dying”. Jefferson, the main character, was executed for something he didn't even do. He had a future and it was all gone due to what he couldn't control. He was at the wrong at the wrong time. He was also wrongfully accused and convicted of the robbery and murder of a white man, and sentenced to death by electrocution. Jefferson was on his way to the White Rabbit Bar and Lounge when Brother and Bear, two young black men, drove up beside him and offered him a ride. The three men drove to a store, where Brother …show more content…

Some of the time, he addresses his writing to Grant, as if writing a letter. Jefferson writes about the other men in prison and wonders why poor people seem to suffer so much more than the rich do. A few days later, Jefferson writes about Grant’s assertion that he is better than white people think.He says he has never done so much thinking in his life, and he begins to realize how little he has always expected of himself. The Monday before Jefferson’s execution, he writes that the sheriff, Mr. Pichot, and Mr. Morgan visit him in his cell. Jefferson hears Mr. Morgan and Sheriff Guidry talking about their bet. Mr. Morgan wants to double the stakes. He bets that Grant will fail. Mr. Pichot asks Jefferson how he is doing and then offers to sharpen his pencil with his own knife. Then, with Guidry’s permission, Pichot gives Jefferson the knife. Jefferson says he will give it back in a few days. During the next few days, people from all over town come to speak to Jefferson. His friend Bok reluctantly gives Jefferson one of his marbles, and Jefferson cries because no one has ever paid so much attention to him.Vivian comes with Grant to visit Jefferson on his last night. Jefferson is humiliated in front of her, for he has not bathed recently and thinks he is ugly, but Vivian tells him he looks handsome and strong. She kisses his

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