Why Is Jefferson's Grandmother So Important To Me

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1. “The flags hung limp from a ten-foot bamboo pole in the corner of the white picket fence that surrounded the church. Beyond the flag I could see smoke rising from the chimneys in the quarter, and beyond the houses and chimneys I could hear the tractors harvesting sugarcane in the fields.” 33 The quote undeniably displays visual imagery of the church school Grant teaches at and beyond the community. The imagery helps the reader visualise exactly how the black community appears to be, which impacts the text greatly considering the setting plays a huge role. 2. “I'm a old hog,” he said. “Youmans don't stay in no stall like this. I'm a old hog they fattening up to kill.” 83 Here, Jefferson claims that he truly is a hog which indicates a conflict …show more content…

“--his godmother became as immobile as a great stone or as one of our oak or cypress stumps.” 3 Grant depicts Jefferson's godmother as “a great stone” and a tree stump using a metaphor. Impacting the text greatly since the narrator suggests that Miss Emma personifies the innate strength necessary to survive in this racist environment. 12. “Nobody is going to die at Christmas,” I said.” 140 An obvious allusion shown is how the date in which Jefferson was to be executed is tied to an important date on the Christian calendar, Christmas. 13. “He never could have done that. I saw the transformation. I’m a witness to that.” “Then maybe it was God,” I said.” 254 The character of Paul Bonin alludes to the conversion of the Apostle Paul from the new testament. Paul’s witness to Jefferson’s conversion dramatically changes his moral code and life. 14. “Am I supposed to tell someone how to die who has never lived?” 31 Grant uses an apostrophe to convey the impact of the situation of changing Jefferson from a hog to a man. 15. “We’re teachers, and we have a commitment…. Commitment to what—to live and die in this hellhole, when we can leave and live like other people?” 29 This quote displays another apostrophe which impacts the tone of the conversation between Grant and

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