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  • Eye Color Experiment

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    I love the idea of the eye color experiment. She constructed the experiment very well by picking out some of the flaws that the blue eyed kids had. For example, the teacher asked one of the brown eyed kids if his father had kicked him and he responded by saying yes. She then asked “Well do you think a blue eyed father would kick his kids?” This got the kids thinking about how realistic this situation was. Like “maybe this is real” or “Wow, we are better than the brown eyed kids.” Later on in the

  • Internalization Of Color Effects In Toni Morrison's The Bluest Eye

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    Internalization of Color-effect in Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye The Bluest Eye is a novel Toni Morrison wrote moved by a reaction she happened to experience in her early childhood after having a conversation with a black little girl who cherished for blue eyes. It came as a shock for the writer to learn that a black girl as like as she was, being dissatisfied with her appearance was longing for blue eyes that she considered the symbol of beauty. Simply that little girl wanted to be beautiful what

  • Jane Elliot's Exercises On Prejudice And Racism

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    Racism is violent! When we take a look back at history, there is nothing sadder than seeing how people were treated when they owned different skin color from others. Jane Elliott’s method, which divided the class into “in group” and “out group” and treated each group differently, had help many student realize the important of equality. Although this method might be unpleasant and insulting to some people, it is the only way to reframe people’s negative views in their mindset. People are born

  • In The Beginning: Jimmy Thompson's In The Beginning

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    with a matching bolero, made of an exquisite white fabric covered with a million tiny red polka dots. “Red,” not only her nickname as a youngster, but remained her favorite color to this day. Whenever circumstances allowed, Lelia wore the beautiful hue in some fashion. Whereas the majority of girls in town chose quieter colors, like browns and greens, for their

  • Discrimination In Ms. Elliot's Assassination

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    on the significance of the word discrimination. This lesson would show the students how it felt to be discriminated against, and how it changed individuals. The experiment consisted of the class being divided by eye color. The first day of the experiment, the students that had blue eyes, were advised that they

  • Josephine Hamilton's Observation Of The Primeval Plantation House

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    anew, I don 't really care. Just fix this mess." She walked out of the room, her heels clicking on the tile floor with each step. "There are pastries and finger sandwiches in the dining room if you feel hungry!" she called. The men either rolled their eyes or scoffed to each other, but commenced their work

  • Descriptive Essay On The Zombie Apocalypse

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    bed. Her stars and moon purple printed blanket covers half of her body as she sleeps on sideways with one knee bent position.The sound of her deep, but even breathing fills her violet-themed bedroom. Everything in her room is a shade of her favorite color. It was not soon when Ellena starts to hear sounds from afar that wakes her a little. Unable to properly distinguish the sounds she was hearing, she brushed the thought away.She then lazily rolled on the other side of the bed and put herself back

  • Coming Of Age In The Outsiders

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    The amount of power the social classes play in the society in the book The Outsiders is crucial. The social classes divided the society into two main parts, the Socs and the Greasers. The coming of age and development of the characters has really created a bond between them. While it has created trust, it has also created distrust among the two gangs. The gangs were raised to hate and distrust each other. By observing the quotes, events, and traits, it is clear that growth is always coming with age

  • To Kill A Mockingbird Chapter 11 Analysis

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    Chapter Eleven Entitled It was a little bit of an adjustment to not only go from living alone, but to living with complete strangers. However, I learned very quickly why everyone called Frau Genau, Mama G. She was like a mother hen. She always looked out for others and I became no exception. Despite the unfavorable living conditions, I settled into my new life pretty easily. I attributed that to the minimal expectations I’ve had since childhood and the ease of which Mama G made it. One

  • Personal Narrative: Intrepid's Camp Goals Summer Program

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    stumbled to the front of the room with my business formal attire and completed what I called the ‘interview handshake.’ The fact that it was nice and firm assured me that I was definitely doing well. As I made eye contact with my interviewer, I couldn’t help but notice the color of her eyes. Was it brown, black, or both? I didn’t even realize the discussion had already started until she said my name no once but twice.

  • Personal Narrative: Life After The Cold War

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    I wake up to a sudden rush of cold winter air on my face. I open my eyes but for some reason the world is still dark. I shut my eyelids tight and try to force color back into this cold world. I open my eyes a second time. The world is still mostly dark but I am now seeing foggy blotches of white. Again I repeat the process of closing and opening my eyes a few more times until I can properly register my surroundings. The first thing that I notice is that the world went from all black to all white

  • Dreamer's Eye Persuasive Speech

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    USE APP Dreamer 's Eye.docx 1 / 6 Dreamer’s Eye “It’s been noted as this year’s hottest gadget but this goes beyond what’s on the trend list. This goes deep into scientific and technological exploration and blows all other inventions and findings out of the water!”. I stare blankly at the same overly enthusiastic blonde news reporter on my T.V. She looks over at her co-anchor with child-like eagerness as he pulls out the-“It’s the Dreamer’s Eye!” I cringed at her borderline screeching, making

  • Her Eyes Are Dead: A Narrative Fiction

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    Her eyes are dead. She smiles and laughs and lives, but her eyes are dead, dead, dead. They flutter with a semblance of emotion when she laughs, a tight, reigned in laugh that sounds like plastic spilling from her pretty mouth. Sometimes her lids lower mechanically when her lips twist into a displeased frown. When she reads to Kazuo, her lips curve up with a light grin, but her eyes hold no recognition of what she’s reading, and her hands turn pages like a machine computes functions, mindlessly,

  • Analysi Analysis Form: La Buenaventura By Cultura

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    more intriguing perspective. He utilizes bended lines to catch the picture of her arms and the way her dress smoothly flows. The wall (Background) gives an awesome depiction of how the craftsman organizes each brushstroke to pick up a symmetrical color of shading. The primary articles you see is simply the guitar and. The creator utilizes no feeling to really tell the watchers what the lady is feeling. The work of art was intended to be loaded with secret and inquiries. As a musician that guitar

  • Lovienthal: A Short Story

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    “Yyyaaahhha,” Was the sound that came out of Lovienthal 's pasty parched mouth as he rolled from his left side over to his back to take pressure off his bloated belly. With the shifting of his weight jarring something loose, he lifted his leg letting out an intensely long and rank fart. His urge to pee had built up inside him and growing stronger by the minute. But being still firmly griped by the paralysis of sleep, the very thought of leaving the warmth of the cocoon he had made from several old

  • Amy Carmichael Research Paper

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    She lost her father at a young age causing her to be more strong and dependent on God. The Lord never gave her blue eyes because He knew she would be a missionary in a land filled with brown eyed people. She was more effective and more approachable to the people she ministered to because of her dark eye color. Amy 's short time in Japan prepared her for her ministry in India. Every difficulty she faced was used of God to make her a better missionary. It is

  • Geriatrics: A Fictional Narrative

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    being my mother’s date last year when my dad was recovering from a sprained back muscle. I took her every week for two months.” “So you’re probably pretty good, then,” I teased. He leaned close to me, his head bent down and those delicious depths of eyes looked up at me. “Baby, I can two-step my way into any pair of panties I want,” he cooed with a devilish grin. I glanced around the room before lowering my head to his. “You mean girdle?” For the second time during our date, we were laughing so hard

  • Personal Narrative-Stereotypes In High School

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    "I 've fallen for your eyes, but they dont know me yet." "Nice to meet you." I address all the boy 's calmly even though my mind is spinning. I remember them vividly now. Every year around the time in spring, my school administrator makes the whole high school take one big picture together for the school yearbook to show our so called, "School pride." and "together-ness." They split us up into our classes, but there is a chance for all the people who have friends in a grade above or below to say

  • Eadlyn Character Analysis

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    Have you ever read a book series, and about halfway through, the point of view changes? One example of this would be in The Selection series by Keira Cass. The first three books (The Selection, The Elite, and The One) are in the point of view of America Singer (later Schreave) and the last two books (The Heir and The Crown) are in the point of view of her daughter, Eadlyn Schreave. The last two are also set 20 years after The One. America and Eadlyn have many similarities and differences including

  • Who Was Buckeye The Rabbit Analysis

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    1. “‘But you don’t even know the difference between the way things are and the way they're supposed to be. My God,’ [Bledsoe] gasped, ‘what is the race coming to? Why, boy, you can tell anyone you like- sit down there . . . Sit down, sir, I say!’” Relectanly, I sat, torn between anger and fascination, hating myself for obeying.” (Ellison 142) In this quote, Dr. Bledsoe is yelling at the narrator for the immature way he handled Mr. Norton by taking him to Trueblood’s cabin and the Golden Day. As he