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Amy Carmichael: Loving God by Loving Others Would you be willing to work on the mission field for fifty-five years without a break or furlough? Most people would not be willing to undertake such a difficult task. Even the most devout Christians would be hesitant or even unwilling to give their life in this way. Amy Carmichael did this to reach the lost in India. She served the Lord faithfully rescuing the temple children from horrible lives, sharing Christ with the young ladies, and writing several books about missionary life. This was all part of God 's special plan for Amy. Amy Carmichael 's early life shaped how she would be used of the Lord in her middle age and even into the later years of her life. Amy Carmichael was born on…show more content…
Amy cared so much for these girls that she eventually moved in with them. It was a difficult life. She even had to sleep in bug infested beds. Amy was willing to do anything she could to show the love of God to others. While at the Keswick Convention in Europe, God started working in a new way in Amy 's life. The convention organizers were making a big emphasis on world missions. At this time she began to feel the call to use her life in a new way for the Lord. Even in these early years Amy had a deep love and passion for Christ. It was as a young person that she began to do all she could to honor the Lord. She fervently prayed and felt God had called her to use her life as a missionary. As her youth went by Amy was more determined than ever to serve the Lord in missions. The first place God led her to serve was in Japan. Amy arrived in Japan when she was twenty-four years old and served the Lord faithfully there for fifteen months. While in Japan she became very ill and was in bed for an extended time. She was eventually diagnosed with a disease called neuralgia, a nerve disorder that caused much pain. She realized that she would not be able to stay in Japan because of her health condition. As she…show more content…
She lost her father at a young age causing her to be more strong and dependent on God. The Lord never gave her blue eyes because He knew she would be a missionary in a land filled with brown eyed people. She was more effective and more approachable to the people she ministered to because of her dark eye color. Amy 's short time in Japan prepared her for her ministry in India. Every difficulty she faced was used of God to make her a better missionary. It is easy to see that it was all part of God 's perfect timing and plan. A simple prayer request as a child, both difficulties and success in her middle age and overcoming a terrible fall to still serve the Lord as an older lady, Amy Carmichael accomplished so much. Amy Carmichael is a true missionary hero that has a continuing impact on the world today because of how she loved God by loving

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