Destiny And Decisions: The Other Wes Moore

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Destinys and Decisions “You are always only one decision away from a totally different life”(Unknown). Your destiny can be such a fragile thing, you slide between the path of success and the path of failure daily with the decisions you make. Often when you make a bad decision you are give a second chance. And these decisions and chances all lead up to your destiny. Your chances are limited and eventually you are stuck with the outcome you’ve chosen, be that good or bad, success or failure. There are two men out there who know these principles all too well. Those men’s stories are documented in the book The Other Wes Moore. Two men with the same name grow up in almost identical situations and yet one has worked in The White House, and the other …show more content…

From an early age you can tell that the men were somewhat different in demeanour. Although both me made plenty of bad decisions in their early lives, it soon becomes evident that the author and the “other” Wes were going to end up in very different places. A subject touched on in this book is the role of law enforcement. Both of the Wes’s did end up in the back of a police cruiser at some point in their lives. The “other” Wes tells the story of how he was “being pushed face down onto his bed, his hands locked in cuffs behind him”(Find Page). This was not his first arrest as he was also arrested when he was eight for attempted murder. The author however was only arrested once and it may have been the cop’s lenient treatment that kept Wes off the road to failure. After a long lecture on how important it was to follow the law, the policeman concluded, “I hope you really listened to what I told you”(Find Page). Wes did unfortunately did continue with some petty crime but for the most part he was done with crime. His eventual military school time reinforced this fact and he was on the up from there. Both these men from the point of their respective arrests had the choice to get back to the path of success and unfortunately only one was able to do

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