Comparing Patrick Henry's Speech To The Virginia Convention

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Compare and Contrast Essay Freedom, equality, and success are all similar but different views in life. In Patrick Henry's speech “Speech to the Virginia convention” he talked about how he believed people could achieve these beliefs. In a like manner so did John F Kennedy in his “inaugural speech”. Both JFK and Patrick Henry viewed freedom, equality, and success in very similar but different ways.
Everybody has a right to freedom; people all have the right also to show how they express it. John F Kennedy believed freedom should not be limited to a victory. He said “we deserve today not a victory of party, but a celebration of freedom”(Kennedy 1). People should not express a victory over a loss more valuable than how they express freedom. On the other hand, Patrick Henry expressed freedom in a non-similar way. He had said “Give me liberty or give me death”(Henry 85). Patrick Henry and JFK believed freedom was a major role in society. Their way of showing it was where they went separate ways. One believe people should come together and seek out freedom, while the other believed people should fight for it.
Similarly, JFK and Patrick Henry viewed equality differently. Patrick Henry saw it as some people are impossible to be treated equally, not everybody deserves peace and equality with
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JFK thought that by helping other, people could find success in society. People can not just help somebody and expect success though; they must understand that helping an individual is the right decision. Like JFK said “Not because the communist maybe doing it, not because we seek votes, but because it is right”(Kennedy 4). While Patrick Henry realized people achieved success up until they viewed something such as the painful truth. “We are opt to shut our eyes against a painful truth”(Henry 85). Though both men believed in success, they saw it differently and thought people could achieve it by going in the right
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