The Rhetorical Analysis Of Patrick Henry's Speech

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Lawyer and politician, Patrick Henry in his speech, “Give me Liberty Or Give Me Death” (March 23, 1775), explains that he give this plea to urge the old dominion to form militias to defend itself against British. He supports his claim by first using a religious reference to express the themes of freedom, equality, and independence. Then uses a selection of other strategies like rhetorical question and allusion to disprove the opposing arguments and clarify the point he is making. Patrick Henry purpose is to fight back and he wants other to fight with him in order for independence. He creates a powerful and commanding tone for the second Virginia convention. The convincing and commanding speech, “Give me Liberty Or Give Me Death” by Patrick Henry emphasizes religious reference to help him makes his argument. For example, he says "Suffer not yourselves to be betrayed with a kiss" which is a reference to Judas betrayal of Christ. In conclusion though he is talking about how Parliament is pretending to be nice but will only turn on the colonists as soon as they get a chance. He’s comparing the Parliament with Judas and the colonists with Christ to advert to a time where one of the most famous betrayals went on. This strategy affects the speech´s audience because it gives the audience a chance to relate how being …show more content…

When he says “We are abt to shut our eyes against a painful truth, and listen to the song of that siren.” This is an allusion to the greek myth in which a seductive sea creature known as a siren lure sailors in using their voice to turn men into pigs. It 's comparing how the British are giving the colonies false hope just like sirens do by luring them to her island, giving them false hope in which she turns them into pigs. This affects the speech´s audience by the author referring to a specific event that relates to the argument he is trying to

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