Other Wes Moore

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Introduction: We as a society face many issues. Due to our diversity as a country, the values and beliefs of one culture battle against another. II. We must address the current standing issues that we face, but before we can do that, we must understand them. Crime is on the rise and has been for a while. The issue we face isn’t necessarily more criminals, instead it’s repeat offenders. A question that has been proposed many times is “can you rehabilitate criminals”. Yes, it’s extremely possible. In Other Wes Moore, other Wes faces the challenges of trying to reintegrate into society. He is met with harsh resistance as nobody wants to hire a convicted criminal, forcing him to live job to job. This eventually results in his return to the drug game, as it’s the only option he has to make enough money to support his family(Moore 144). If we want to stop crime, we need to prevent …show more content…

Let’s dig a bit deeper into some of the more pressing matters. Things that bring the fall to many communities such as drugs, gangs, school inequality, racism, and family struggles. Drug Organizations are the enemy of the world. They destroy entire communities, plunging them into a battle for survival. Fear is stricken into the residents as they watch their friends and family arrested or killed. Addicts flocked the cities, searching for that next high, slowly killing themselves. In Other Wes Moore, other Wes’s girlfriend Cheryl battled a strong addiction. He realizes that the drug game he was once part of, the people who he used to sell drugs to, was now visible in his girlfriend(Moore 137). It’s a sad reality that the poorer the neighborhood, the less funding the school receives. The more money a city has, the better the schools are. In Other Wes Moore, author Wes explains the public schools in his area being dilapidated, crumbling building with faded paint. Riverdale though, had rolling hills and lush quadrangles of its campus, which gave it the appearance of a university(Moore

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