Eboo Patel's Acts Of Faith

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Introduction: In the text by Eboo Patel “Acts of Faith: The Story of an American Muslim, the Struggle for the Soul of a Generation,” Patel focuses on living in a diverse faction full of religious prejudice in a world full of materialistic outlooks. At the same time he intertwines his personal experiences and provides a remarkable account in which he says that growing up in America as a Muslim led him to discover the importance of cultural pluralism, the acceptance of all religions, and his huge account that all Muslims aren’t extremists. He believes in ethnocentrism; religions should be able to coexist without feeling that one religion is superior than the other. In a world where the forces that seek to divide us are strong, Patel thinks the meaning of pluralism is that the differences …show more content…

Patel wants everyone to embrace the many different religions that we have while believing that they all can coexist in the community “I realized that it was precisely because of America’s glaring imperfections that I should seek to participate in its progress, carve a place in its promise, and play a role in its possibility. And at its heart and at its best, America was about pluralism” (Patel 89). Patel says that pluralism should be embraced and individuals should have a better understanding of one’s religion before mistaking. These mistakes can lead to disputes and ultimately to pandemonium characterized in this text. America does have imperfections, but we can all make the most of it and understanding what we value so that it wouldn’t lead to conflict. His introduction of Interfaith Youth Core helps others like him understand the value of understanding the concepts of pluralism. Patel’s particular path toward that goal of healthy pluralism is bringing together young adults of all faiths and of no faith to build relationships through social justice work. Patel’s goal is bring people together to explore pluralism and build relationships despite what race or religion we come

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