Thomas Paine's View Of Coexism In America

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Within the early revolutionary epoch of American history brought various interpretations of the country. Thomas Paine characterized this country in an excerpt from his work the Rights of Man. Unfortunately, Thomas Paine’s characterization of America does not entirely hold truth today, and can be evident in our country’s political and identity ideologies. The key points within the excerpt implies that America is a country where a multitude of cultures, religions, and languages coexist. Paine suggests that our government, which was created “on the principles of society and the rights of man”, is able to overcome the differences of political and racial beliefs. Though the nation being built upon these differences, the school of thought that “every difficulty retires” can be disproved. To commence, the discordant existence of multiple cultures and religions has been witnessed throughout this country 's history and today. Paine acknowledges that "it would appear that the union of such a people was impracticable" and to some extent it is. Although a majority of people are able to coexist with their neighbors peacefully, it has become presently clear that this is not always the case. Our country as a whole has not had discriminatory problems with just one race or ethnic groups. During WWII, many japanese americans were placed in camps out of fear. Another case is after September 11, 2001, islamophobia was and still is a huge problem today. Both of these events and many others all

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