Thomas Paine: Founding Father

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If all that was said about Thomas Paine was true, then I don’t see why we don’t recognize him as one of the Founding Fathers. Jefferson, himself, even stated that Paine did as much labor as any other man. The only reason I can think that we as Americans haven’t officially recognized him as a Founding Father is because of all that was said about him. Thomas Paine had a way with words and freely expressed them without a care. In 1794, there is an excerpt on Christianity in the book The Age of Reason that was very harsh. He goes on to say things about how Christianity is the worst of all religions. I personally think this is why he is not recognized as one of our Founding Fathers. Although our religion isn’t not specified here in America, a great …show more content…

When his first wife died during labor and then the delivery of the child being unsuccessful I could see him losing some faith. A few years later, he has remarried but divorce follows shortly after. He just seemed to have a bad chain of events in his timeline and growing up in the lower class of England seemed to follow him everywhere he went and he didn’t really make much of himself because he didn’t put his mind to it. He stayed a writer, even when opportunities were given to him. After the French Revolution, he landed a place in a seat of the National Convention to abolish the French monarchy and replace it with the republic, but his big mouth got in the way of that, too. He set on back to America because the French were going to imprison him for disagreeing with their views. Thomas Paine ended up owning no land and still being very poor. He always said he wanted to write for the common people in the simplest way he could. He wanted them to understand the world around them. In 1790s a British attorney told him that if he wanted to publish The Rights of Man he better make the price extremely high so that the common people couldn’t

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