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I have learned so far that the Puritans had a strict and unique attitude and especially when it came to religion. The Puritans believed that there religion and customs was the correct way and would totally oppose either Franklin’s or Paine’s writings. I decided to put all the knowledge I have gain so far in use to read Thomas Paine “The Age of Reason” passage in a puritan’s point of view. Thomas Paine an English American writer, who influenced the American Revolution, wrote an article where he expressed his feelings and points of view about religion. However, his passage could be seen very controversial and opposing in a puritan’s point of view because of all the opposition and different beliefs Paine is expressing throughout the passage. …show more content…

In the article, “The Age Of Reason” Paine stated, “That something has been revealed to a certain person, and not revealed to any other person, it is revelation to that person only” (p. 697). In this quote, I can infer that Paine is questioning the so-called revelations religions have because it is written or spoken by after it already had happen. As I have a puritan point of view I am going to object this statement Paine made in his paper. The reason I object his statement is because the puritan’s religion had many revelations told from one person to another one and so on. In addition, the puritan’s bible which was their center contained revelations and Paine is opposing not just the religion followers but also the religion it

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