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Thomas Paine Video Related Questions 1. How would you characterize Paine before he came to America? Thomas Paine was a self educated man who was perceived as a trouble maker. He was an activist who strived hard to prove his point. Before he came to America he remained involved in many civic matters. For example, Paine once appeared in the Town Book as a member of the Court Leets, the town’s governing body. He was also a member of the rural community vestry, an influential local church group whose responsibilities for parish business would comprise collecting taxes and tithes to dispense among the poor. Before he came to America, he had this mission in mind to bring revolution for his nation. 2. Who sponsored his passage to America? In London, on the behalf of hundreds of civil workers Thomas Paine was facing a court appeal where he caught the attention of Benjamin Franklin who was there as an agent of several colonists. After meeting Thomas Paine, Benjamin Franklin recommended him as an ingenious and worthy young man. He was extremely impressed by Thomas’s extraordinary abilities and his power of thinking. He suggested Thomas, emigration to British colonial America, and gave him a letter of recommendation. Benjamin’s sponsorship was indeed a great gift for Thomas as well as the American nation. Thomas Paine emigrated from Great Britain to the American colonies, landing in Philadelphia. 3. What happens after his Common Sense pamphlet is published? In January 1776, when

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