Silence In Thomas Paine

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Andrew welcomed in Thomas Paine as a welcome friend on his way back from France. Thomas Paine came back from his educational trip to the scholars of France when he decided to see his friend who resided in the city of Orleans, France. The lunch took place in the small house that Andrew owned on the outskirts of town. Andrew started the conversation with a question when he inquired, “What were you taught in the schools of France?” To this Thomas responded with, “They have enlightened me to the ways of reason. They have removed my need for barbaric religion and revealed the true god.” (Paine, 1794, P.95) Andrew took this response with surprise for such a great mind to have fallen to the ways of the fool. Andrew decided, after a time of silence, …show more content…

There is no way that a human, born of human, could possibly raise themselves from the dead. Nor did more than five or six people see the assentation to heaven. If anyone in their right mind where to have this happen, they would do it in a large crowd or a large city. Do you really expect me to believe that without a multitude of witnesses, that this could have happened?” (Paine, 1794, P.98) Andrew let silence all over the humble dinner, for without it Andrew would have raised his voice, and his blood pressure. Thomas, to break the silence, said, “I mean you have freedom of believing anything you want, unless it is the religions of the Judo-Christians, or the Muslims. This is true because they believe God gave some humans his holy word to tell others about.” (Paine, 1794, P.96) Andrew’s blood at this point came to a boil, which invoked him to ask “So none of the bible is real according to you?” Thomas responded, “Yes, except for Job and Psalms 15. These two are real out of the entire bible and this is because it conveys the idea of God through his creation instead of his word. For Nature speaks a universal language that any man, woman, or child can read to learn about God and his salvation. This language can’t be faked or changed as it fits the human. this language eliminates the need for the missionaries, because all humans have it where every they go.” (Paine, 1794, P.100-101) Andrew took to this a little kindlier, however, he responded with, “So if the bible is false how can Job and Psalms 19 be right. They have no proof, and a human copied them from revelation from God. How can they be correct?” Thomas responded with, “You are one of these heathens? You believe that they are correct? How could this

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