Symbols In Bless Me Ultima

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Symbolism in nature is often shown in books and movies, Bless Me, Ultima by Rudolfo Anaya, is no exception. In Bless Me, Ultima, the reader can actually understand and even feel what the author is saying instead of just grasping the concept, that is the difference between this book and others. After the book is read, not only does the reader want to explore the meanings of nature, but it makes them question, why? They question because this type of book drags the reader in and makes them never want to stop reading the story that fills its pages. In Bless Me, Ultima, the river, golden carp, juniper tree, and owl all mean something and are presented to Antonio on his journey to find himself. In a way, these objects all give him knowledge and help …show more content…

“I have hoped to see him all summer,” I said breathlessly”” (106). “The quiet waters of the river washed gently southward. “We have never taken a non-believer to see him.” he said solemnly. “But I want to believe,” I looked up and pleaded, “it’s just the I have to believe in Him?” I pointed across the river to where the cross of the church showed above the treetops. “Perhaps--” he mused for a long time. “Will you make an oath?” he asked. “Yes,” I answered. But the commandment said, Thou shalt not take the Lord’s name in vain. “Swear by the cross of the church that you will never hunt or kill a carp.” He pointed to the cross. I had never sworn on the cross before. I knew that if you broke your oath it was the biggest sin a man could commit, because God was witness to the swearing on his name. But I would keep my promise! I would never break my oath! “I swear,” I said. “Come!” Cico was off, wading across the river. I followed. I had waded across that river many times, but I never felt an urgency like today. I was excited about seeing the magical golden carp” (107). Antonio thinks he is committing a sin when going to see the golden carp, but actually the fish ranks first in importance for the christian belief an Antonio is Catholic. The symbol was most likely suggested by the loaves

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