Bless Me Ultima Religion Analysis

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In almost any person's life religion is always an internal struggle. Deciding which religion they want to chose and why they want to chose it. For some people it is more difficult than others to chose one, especially if you are already born into one. Anaya’s main character in Bless Me Ultima is going through many tough emotions to figure out what religion is right for him because he is already born into a very religious Christian family. In Rudolfo Anaya's post WWII Chicano novel Bless Me, Ultima Anaya uses the symbol of the Golden Carp to present an alternative from Christianity that Antonio feels he needs. At the beginning of the novel Antonio is stressed and concerned by his religion Christianity. This was probably why the Golden Carp is such an escape for all his questions and problems. For …show more content…

Anaya creates an initial one of anxiety and shifts it toward a tone of relief. This emphasises Antonio does not like the idea of punishment and is really looking for peace, which he can find in the golden carp. He needs a safe place because Christianity is giving him too much anxiety and pressure. Antonio’s finds a little excitement of hope when he finds out there might be a god that is kind and does not give punish. Antonio is excited to find out, “'The golden carp," I said to myself, "a new god?" I could not believe this strange story, and yet I could not disbelieve Samuel. "Is the golden carp still here?'' "Yes," Samuel answered. His voice was strong with faith. It made me shiver, not because it was cold, but because the roots of everything I had ever believed in seemed shaken. If the golden carp

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