Themes Of Bless Me Ultima

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The novel “Bless Me, Ultima” is authored by Anaya Rudolfo. This novel is an autobiography since the author utilizes his hometown, Highway 66, church, little villages, the school and ranges around the town to present the story. The autobiography describes the cultural aspects of the Chicano in the rural sides of New Mexico in 1940s. In this essay, Rudolf describes the cultural aspects and landscape of the New Mexico during that particular time with an emphasis on the influential ways of the indigenous cultural aspects. Antonio Luna Márez is this novel’s main protagonist who in this story describes the environment in which he was brought up and all those that were involved in his upbringing. The story is set in a specific town within the eastern side of New Mexico, where the author’s real home is also placed, Santa Rosa, New Mexico. The novel’s main theme is the conflict of culture and the church and how the inherent differences are leveraged.
Bless Me, Ultima is largely concerned on doubt, faith and cultural assimilation between the …show more content…

In this explanation, the author employs the relationship of Antonio, a seven year boy and Ultima, a magical woman with healing powers and the various experiences which all along help the protagonist to learn important aspects of the community and designs means of overcoming the challenges with the help of Ultima. The author has done a good job in highlighting the origins and traditions of a culture which seems to be little understood or ignored by historians. The setting of the narrative, which is the author’s hometown and the use of the author’s life experiences does not only make the facts presented valuable but also exciting to read. The story also presents a number of conflicts such as paganism vs Catholicism, American Culture vs Hispanic Culture and the Expectation of parents towards their

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