Relationships In Wildwood

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In “Wildwood”, Junot Diaz presents a troubled teenager by the name Lola to have distinct conflicting values with her mother. Her mother has controversial Dominican norms and responsibilities. These norms are not what Lola wants to be. Her mother soon gets sick and increases Lola’s feelings to take action on how she wants to live her life. When Lola and her mom continue to carry their abusive conflict, Lola decides to run away to Wildwood. Lola does this because she is a lost soul with no foundation of who she really is. As she runs away from her “Domincaness” that she desperately needed change from, her mother finds her in Wildwood and returns her to the origin of a “perfect Dominican daughter” which is the Dominican Republic. Once there she …show more content…

Lola takes advantage of her deteriorating mother whose illness represents the declining hold of the norms over Lola. Since her mom “will have trouble lifting her arms over her head for the rest of her life,” Lola is no longer afraid of the “hitting” and grabbing “by the throat” (415,419). As a child of a “Old World Dominican Mother” Lola must be surrounded by traditional values and beliefs that she does not want to claim, so “as soon as she became sick” Lola says, “I saw my chance and I’m not going to pretend or apologize; I saw my chance and I eventually took it” (416). When taking the opportunity to distinguish herself from the typical “Dominican daughter” or ‘Dominican slave,” she takes a cultural norm like long hair and decides to impulsively change it (416). Lola enjoyed the “feeling in [her] blood, the rattle” that she got when she told Karen to “cut my hair” (418). She thought this was the feeling of freedom and finding out her new identity. To continue and amplify this feeling, the thought of nullifying her mother, who represents the hardship of keeping a distinct cultural background seemed like the way to go. This is when she travels to Wildwood to suppress the idea that she will remain a “slave” to a lifestyle that she does not belong

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