The Brief And Wondrous Life Of Oscar Wao Summary

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New York Times Best-seller, The Brief and Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, by Junot Díaz tells the captivating life story of Oscar, a sweet but embarrassingly awkward, overweight boy. Oscar Wao’s story is one that talks about life’s impending dooms, the kind that trace back generations and are rooted in superstition. Dominican-born but New Jersey raised, if there is at least one thing that believes in Oscar it’s the Fukú, a curse that all who are Dominican are familiar with in one form or another, and whose presence Oscar has felt since the end of his young “baller,” days-back when he had not only one girl but two. Oscar’s inability to decide between his two “girlfriends,” Maritza and Olga, is what ultimately led to him losing the interest of both girls and, he believes, is what led to him being such an undesirable geek from the age of seven and on. …show more content…

Ever since the end of their short-lived, “romance,” things have only been looking down for the former threesome. Despite being wildly beautiful and commanding the attention of men everywhere, Maritza’s love life was just a big ball of hurt; she just didn’t compare to other Dominican women in the sense that she let herself be slapped around by the men that she was dating instead of slapping them around herself-like Oscar’s sister, Lola, and his “Mami ” would’ve done. Throughout the years, Olga fared even worse than Maritza, gaining several pounds until she matched the weight of Oscar herself, the bad “no-love karma,” that hit Oscar left her so undesirable that, to paraphrase, not even her boobs were good enough to look at. Such was life, such was their lives...extraordinarily bad “no-love” lives is what they all lived and so with how bad love went for him, Oscar turned to other, geekier things for

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