Was America Founded A Christian Nation Summary

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In this day of time, there are many questions that rise controversy between people. A topic that has been the center of drama for years is the establishment between church and state. John Fea asks the blunt question: Was America Founded a Christian Nation? Throughout his book, John Fea contemplates the differing opinions on this subject. John Fea breaks this book into three parts. The first focuses on the history of the idea that America is a Christian nation. Then, he looks at the American Revolution and the role Christianity played in it. John Fea aims the last few chapters at the religious beliefs of presidents and other influential people during the first years of America. As one reads, the various points John Fea makes, they may alter his/her own viewpoint. …show more content…

The United States was not founded until after the American Revolution. The American Revolution took off after, “the British decided to place some of the burden of governing and defending this territory on the colonies” (Fea;93). Britain placed many taxes on the colonies in relation to the Stamp Act, Tea Act, and Coercive Acts. The group now known as the First Continental Congress had a primary goal, “to form a proper response to the Coercive Acts” (Fea;105). “The Congress wanted England to restore the colonies to the state of “happiness and prosperity”. . .” (Fea;105). They proposed how they felt this could be possible focusing on “. . . Enlightenment political theory about the constitutional and natural rights of British subjects. . .” (Fea;106). From this it does not seem like the American Revolution was began in any form around Christianity. Similar to any war or horrific event, the people look to God to guide them and preachers’ sermons often revolved around the

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