How Did Thomas Paine Influence The Declaration Of Independence

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Thomas Paine was one of the best known political philosopher and pamphleteer back during the 18th century. “Common Sense” was the first published pamphlet that proclaimed the independence of America and one of his most famous piece of work. How did Thomas Paine influence the declaration of independence by writing “Common Sense”? “Common Sense” convinced a great amount of moderates to become patriots, additionally, some loyalist were persuaded by his writing. Also, he was able to express his feelings and wrote in a way that people commonly spoke. Thomas Paine had successfully contributed to the declaration of independence and his 47-page pamphlet, “Common Sense”, impacted numerous Americans. “Common Sense” allowed citizens of the colony to …show more content…

Before the pamphlet was published, nobody was brave enough to denounce loyalism and publicly announce that colonists should be engaged in revolutionary battles. Not even John Adams spoke a word that proclaimed independence until “Common Sense” was published. The “Declaration of Independence” that’s written by Thomas Jefferson was highly influenced by “Common Sense” that Thomas Paine wrote. The second continental congress voted and agreed on signing the declaration of independence on July 2, 1776, and was officially recognized on July 4, 1776. If Thomas Paine didn’t propose “Common Sense”, most likely the declaration of independence wouldn’t be signed, which may lead to America not having their own freedom. In addition, throughout the pamphlet, he condemned monarchy and encouraged democracy instead. The colonists may not have an equal voice towards social issues if they still followed monarchy after the declaration of independence was signed. Thus, the foundation that made people to speak up for independence was the pamphlet. The more voices citizens have about their freedom against the British, the more powerful patriotism will be. This shows that “Common Sense” helped Americans to speak up and strive for what they truly believe in, which is

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