Religious Literacy Summary

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Report On Religious Literacy In the book Religious Literacy, Stephen Prothero’s main argument is that religious literacy is very important and it is important for youth to be religiously knowledgeable. Prothero starts off his book by talking about how “Americans are both deeply religious and profoundly ignorant about religion” (1). Prothero says this because Americans go to church like and are religious yet know nothing about the basics of a religion. Then Prothero goes on to show some examples in which people being religiously knowledgeable would have helped a situation. As in Prothero’s example of September 11, 2001, where a man shot and killed an Indian American because he thought the turban meant the Sikh Indian was Muslim (3). The examples he used back his point of Americans being religiously ignorant. Prothero then goes on to explain some of the reasons behind this nation becoming religiously illiterate. In the chapter Eden, Prothero talks about how in the early America years people used religious readings as way to learn. The early Americans used the bible as a way to teach kids or other illiterates how …show more content…

The professor Stephen Prothero, shows this through many examples, some of which are deadly. The author then goes on to show that back in the early days Americans were religiously literate using the Bible as a learning tool. He then explains what caused us to change and become more religiously illiterate. Prothero lastly offers a way in which we as Americans can fix the problem. So in a single sentence, the author Stephen Prothero in this book states how Americans went from being religiously literate to extremely religiously ignorant. This book should be read because it can help make aware of the religious ignorance in the country. To a reader of minority religion, it can allow them to understand why most people act the way they do towards their

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