Confessional Approach To Religion

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Siobhan O’Connor
Essay 1- (BA) RG1001
2ND November 2017

Introduction to the Study of Religion

In this essay, I will begin by defining the study of religion as discipline followed by discussing the many approaches used to study this subject. This will lead me to differentiate between the confessional and the non-confessional approaches to the academic study of religion. I will provide evidence from my readings to help define this discipline. Finally, throughout the essay, I will be using examples from my lectures to show the approaches I have been using to study religion. Firstly, what is the study of religion? The study of religion involves a variety of disciplines both confessional and academic. The academic or non-confessional …show more content…

Similarly, philosophy is all about asking questions, questioning what we believe is true or what we believe is false and then through the process our knowledge is constantly expanding. Philosophy of Religion is rational thought of religious issues and concerns without a presumption of the existence of a deity, making it a non-confessional approach. Alike to the history of religion, the philosophy of religion focuses on thinking critically about religious beliefs, but doesn’t however attempt to disapprove religious beliefs. Philosophy tries to answer the big questions concerned with religion but answering these questions with factual thought not by referring to the bible. Religion and philosophy are but two modes of apprehending the ultimate nature of the world, (De Sondy, Amanullah,2017, Philosophy of Religion, RG1001, University College Cork), meaning they go hand in hand and can be used together in order to help answer the big questions to do with life for …show more content…

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