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In a world where religion represents a crucial role in the lives of countless people, there is no doubt that it influences an individual’s daily decisions. There are numerous religions that have been created, although the most significant ones have been widely practiced for centuries. Each of the world’s major religions have distinctions that set them apart from others. Consequently, these distinctions cause turmoil between religions due to individual biased opinion for their God. Followers of a religion suppose that their faith is designated as the most favorable and true religion of all practices. For this reason, an increasing amount of conflict arises and shapes a person’s prejudice. Religion constructs its follower’s ideology which puts …show more content…

This religion believes in the art of reincarnation, which is being reborn into another creature. Hindus believe in multiple gods, but the most important one is Brahma, the Hindu God of creation. They also believe in karma, a law of cause and effect by which an individual creates their own destiny by their actions. According to Document 7, Hinduism is constructed by a caste system that is also followed in India. The system divides Hindus into hierarchical groups based on their karma and duties. The caste system is divided into four main categories- Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas and Shudras. The Brahmins who were mainly intellectuals are believed to come from Brahma’s head. The Kshatriyas, warriors and rulers, came from his arms. Vaishyas, traders, were created from his thighs. And at the bottom were the Shudras came from Brahma’s feet and did all the factory jobs. For centuries, the caste system dictated almost every aspect of Hindu life. The caste would eventually split up into upper and lower classes, causing a segregation between both communities. There have been many attempts to get rid of the system, but unfortunately it is still being used in India today. In Document 3, the excerpt from the Mahabharata states “Enjoy the pleasure bestowed on you, and bear the pain on you.” Referring to the caste system, this statement describes the pleasures or the pain that a Hindu receives in their lifetime. For example, if a Hindu is …show more content…

It is a monotheistic faith based on revelations received by its founder Muhammed. According to the religion, the angel Gabriel revealed many messages to Muhammed which he shared with what was a polytheistic world at the time. Muslims read from the sacred text of the Qur’an which are said to contain the literal word of God. According to Document 8, Muslims practice The Five Pillars of Faith and must carry out each of their duties. They must make a “pilgrimage to Mecca” at least one in their lifetime. This duty tests a Muslim’s loyalty to their religion and share the sacrifices made in order to worship their God. Although the entire world is going through modern progressions and many religious components are being altered, many Muslims think back to earlier times and want to bring original concepts back. This is called “Islamic Fundamentalism”. There has been a rapid growth of Islamic Fundamentalism and it continues to grow. Most groups employ a sharp ideology in which everyone is either part of the group or against it. For some fundamentalists, this position is linked to the concept of jihad, typically regarded as holy war. In Document 2, “The Night” states “But the good man who purifies himself by alms-giving shall keep away from it: and so, shall he that does good works for the sake of the Most High, not in recompense for a favor. Such men shall be content.” This statement represents how a Muslim must be charitable and

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