Why Islam Spread Essay

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Islam is the second biggest religion and fastest growing in the world today. Islam is a religion that Muslims follow and is a monotheistic faith regarded as revealed through Muhammad as the prophet of Allah. For Muslims, Muhammad is the last prophet and Abraham is the patriarch of the Qur’an, Bible and Torah. Islam is followed by over a billion people and Muslims make up approximately one quarter of the world’s population. Islam spread quickly during the 600’s trade, choice, and conquest. The new religion of Islam was able to spread so quickly due to trade. The first reason is Mecca was the center of trade for the Arabian Peninsula. In document A of the Why Islam Spread So Quickly reading it states, “...Mecca was prosperous and important. …show more content…

The first reason conquest had something to do with the quick spread of Islam is when Heraclius spread the word during the Byzantine War. In the Why Islam Spread So Quickly reading it states, “When Heraclius massed his troops against the Moslems and the Moslems heard that they were coming to meet them out at al-Yarmuk, the Moslems refunded to the inhabitants of Hims.” This is saying if Heraclius didn’t mass his troops the word of Islam might not have gotten around to the Hims and areas around there. The next reason conquest helped Islam spread was through military services and ghazu raids. In the Why Islam Spread So Quickly reading it states, “...A series of ghazu raids against the non-muslims communities in the neighboring countries. The unity of the ummah would be preserved by an outwardly directed offensive [attack].” This relates to the spread of Islam because Muslims use a strategy of raids against non-muslims that would preserve the unity of the ummah. Lastly conquest and war guided Islam to a large population with the help of the Byzantine and Persian Empire. Islam was welcomed into areas under these empires because people didn 't like the oppressive rule. In conclusion, trade, conquest and choice are reasons Islam spread so

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