Muslim Essays

  • Muslim Cultural Characteristics

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    I come from the Muslim culture and will share some of the cultural characteristics. Traditions: Most important one is prayer. We have to pray 5 times a day and read the Holy Quran. We have to fast a whole month during Ramadhan and go for Pilgrimage at least once in a lifetime. We are not allowed to date before marriage, have sex, having boyfriend, go clubbing, drink alcohol, do drugs, move out and go live alone. All those are a big no no and the muslim communities look down on you if you do those

  • Muslim Mosque Characteristics

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    In all Muslim communities, the mosque is the most important building as it provides a sense of identity and a place of worship. It provides a point of reference for citizens and passers-by (source), as the typical grandiose structure is a powerful symbol of the Muslim faith and its monotheism. • ARCHETYPAL MODEL OF PLACE The architectural tradition of Islam shows a tolerant attitude for diverse cultures, due to their flexibility regarding the form of the place of worship. (source) Therefore,

  • Essay On Muslim Identity

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    How does the media influence the perception of Muslim identity? The delineation of Muslims in the news. There is a present obsession in standard media and insightful talk identifying with Islam and the West. This present obsession is tinged with negative signifiers with the overall media's overwhelmingly negative portrayal of Islam and Muslims, depicting Muslims generally as awful, over the top, intolerant, or as fan and terrorists. These examples demonstrate the hugeness of the topic, which

  • Essay On Muslim Wedding

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    Many Muslims live in the United Kingdom but they come from all different parts of the word. Most Muslim Weddings take place in the Mosque, however many of these are not legally registered places for weddings in the Uk. If this is the case a civil ceremony should be arranged and carried out afterwards so that the marriage is legally recognised in the United Kingdom. Arranging a Muslim Wedding has many different aspects to it. The first step is for the families to come together to talk about what is

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Muslim Countries

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    Contrary to popular belief, Muslim societies are not more prone to political violence; nor are they less “secular” than non-Muslim societies; and interpersonal trust is not necessarily lower in Muslim societies. But there is a single element that enforces the idea of democratic deficit, and that is the subordination of women, and the patriarchal society in Islamic countries. The author uses several historical variables that are amenable to coding in “yes” or “no” terms, and also a dummy variable

  • The Importance Of Hijab In Muslim Women

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    Hijab is a head covering worn in public by Muslim Women. It is a symbol of privacy and modesty and that it is practiced to show respect for the received knowledge acquired in the Islamic teachings. There are different variations of Hijab and it differs from one to another via its levels of layer and covering-up purposes. Hijab is worn to cover beauty spots such as the hair, legs and body contours of Muslim women to show self-respect and their belief towards Islam. However, Hijab-wearing has always

  • Discrimination Against Muslim Students

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    Muslim Americans, who are viewed as members of a religion that supports violence, are targeted to rising discrimination in USA communities, schools and workplaces. A number of events have triggered such a negative perception of Muslims around the world, one of which is the September 11 terrorist attacks. Living in a post September 11 period has become necessarily difficult for Muslims and Arabs as they are often associated with terrorism and threat. This issue is especially challenging for Muslim

  • Muslim Entrepreneur Case Study

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    desirability of engaging productive entrepreneurial activity, there is no separation between entrepreneurial activity and religion.(Faizal, Ridhwan, & Kalsom, 2013) Muslim Entrepreneur has the responsibility to perform Ibadah to be Al-Khalifah of Almighty Allah on the earth, he searches for Allah’s blessings above all factors. Muslim entrepreneurs perform entrepreneurial activity not only for profit but to fulfill Fard Al-Kifaya. Performing Al-Khalifah concept: Al-Quran mentions many verses that

  • Muslim Separatism In The Subcontinent

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    First of all it is to clear that two nations theory represent the clarity of everything that Muslims are separate nations irrespective of ethnic or other commonalities. But we have to examine factors behind the Muslim separatism in the Subcontinent. There are many factors which spittle the residents of the sub-continent into two nations. But few of them are as under: RELIGIOUS DIFFERENCES: The Muslims and Hindus both have different religion and have different religious values. Islam give teaching

  • Muslim Personal Law Case Study

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    Introduction To understand Muslim personal law, a knowledge of Islamic history is vital so as to keep in mind Islamic views of adoption, the essence of which, can be found in various sources such as the Quran, the Sunnas, Ahadis, etc. Prophet Mohammed founded Islam during a time where tribes, local unstable governments and traditional tribal rules prevailed. At Medina, the Prophet assumed role of legislator, administrative general and judge. Many Suras (chapters of the Quran) which contained within

  • Islam: The Rights Of Non-Muslims In Islam

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    The Rights of Non-Muslim in Islam Tolerance is one of the key features of Islamic teachings. As Islam protects the rights of its followers the same way it grants equal rights to the non-Muslims living in an Islamic state. Moreover, Islam does not impose any extra duties on the non-Muslims and allows them to practice their religion. According to Shariah, the non-Muslims are known as Zimmis and the state is responsible for securing their rights concerning life; prestige and property. Freedom Freedom

  • Feminism In Muslim Women

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    subjugation faced by Muslim women, thus, regaining the equitable treatment and legal rights that Islam bestowed upon them. Their arguments on justice and gender-equality are based on religious sources primarily the Quran and the Sunnah. They demand to reexamine the patriarchal interpretation of these sources and replace it with a gender-egalitarian interpretation which is the essence of Islam. In doing so, some Muslim feminists have attempted to interact and discuss with Muslim scholars (ulama’),

  • Muslim Terrorism

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    This paper provides an insight into the methods that were adopted for the racial profiling of Muslims after 9/11; as suspected perpetrators of terrorism globally. This paper examines the history and origin of the word islamophobia, some phenomena that is effecting the stature and identity of Muslims worldwide. The purpose of this study is to analyze the tone, structure and themes presented by the print media prior to a terrorist activity, with the aim of finding out whether any inherent bias was

  • Mass Media Misconceptions

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    misconceptions does mass media play in the role of discrimination against Islam and Muslims? Introduction Muslims face challenges that often reflect a lack of acceptance of their religious identity which is portrayed negatively in society’s mass media. The manifestation of discrimination and intolerance towards Muslims has grown from a magnitude of things such as terrorist attacks in specific. Islamophobia

  • Islamophobia In The Media

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    there are a lot of media reports on Muslims’ hostile acts. During the event when there is any terrorists attack, people would immediately relate it with Muslims and Islam although the fact about the attack is unclear. The prejudice against Muslim started even before the 9/11 attacks in the United States, however, the events and other violence actions by terrorists after that period has caused an increase in anti-Muslim attitudes in many countries. This anti-Muslim sentiment also has been contributed

  • Essay On The Battle Of Badr

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    a weak underfunded nation persecuted daily, the Muslims rose to the height of power and converted the entire Arabian Peninsula. This feat was achieved through the military genius of the Prophet, and the obedience and loyalty of his followers. Through wars and skirmishes with their enemies, the Muslims gained influence and authority among the arabs. Arguably the most significant of these was the battle of Badr. Outnumbered by the infidels, the Muslim army fought with ferocity and steadfastness, proving

  • Discrimination And Discrimination In Islamophobia

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    Islamophobia is a hatred and fear toward Islam and Muslims that results in discrimination creating a distorted understanding of Islam and Muslims. In the western countries such as the United States, France and the United Kingdom Islamophobia is one of the contemporary manifestations of the problem of prejudice and racism that has afflicted the nation since its earliest days. Muslims have been involved in historical American movements combatting prejudice, but only after the 9/11 terror attacks have

  • Fasting In Islam

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    Fasting is one of the five pillars of Islam. Which makes it very important to a Muslim person. Fasting is an activity or a lifestyle that a person should do it for 30 days a whole month, with no eating nor drinking from sunrise until sunset. Fasting takes place in one of the most important month’s in the hajri calendar, which is Ramadan. Fasting is also a way or a form, which helps in purifying the soul and getting rid of your sins and earns many deeds. In this paper I am hopefully going to illustrate

  • Dignity In Islam Essay

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    places and also the times that Muslim communities gather around and fulfil a certain worship towards their Allah. These situations are appointed in order for Muslims aware of one another. The gathering of Muslims, in fact, builds a strong bond between them because Allah enjoined that with the purpose of the feeling of Muslims in their habitual life. Moreover, the Muslim people may seek a mercy and forgiveness from their Merciful and Forgiver, Allah. The tribulations of Muslims are the real examples that

  • Cause Of Islamophobia

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    stories to report or Muslim villains to cast in their latest hit movie. Their anti-Muslim sentiments are evident every time you turn on the T.V. and see blatant Islamophobia disguised under “journalism” or “free speech”. The reasons behind the media’s constant portrayal of Islam in a bad light is fueled by several causes such as Muslim extremists, the West’s wrong interpretation of Islam’s true message, and their inability to comprehend the Islamic lifestyle. Radical Muslims and their extreme acts