Ben Carson Letter To Muslim President

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As an advocate for human rights, I take injustice that is targeted against a race or individual resolutely. Commonly, people make rude and insensitive remarks without remorse. Unfortunately, these remarks are made by influential American icons. Ben Carson, candidate for the presidential election, stated that he does not agree in having a Muslim president. When asked why, he responded with, "if you accept the tenets of Islam that you would be incapable by abiding under the Constitution." With this blanket statement, Ben Carson directly attacked the Muslim community’s honor and integrity. Therefore, I wrote a letter to Ben Carson addressing his comment the only way I know how, informative and respectful. In the letter, I made it clear that my emotions do not object to him having an opinion, but the false statement that he placed on the Muslims. In the letter, I illustrated how his comment subconsciously makes Muslims feel inferior, and the effects of his comment on people who know little to no Muslims. I ended by giving examples of Muslims who work within the US government and have no problem implementing the Constitution. Additionally, a group of innovative students from University of Dayton…show more content…
Additionally, diversity is important because diversity comes with diverse perspective, which will allow creative ways to maintain the unity within a community. In order for that to happen, we must teach people that the term “color blind” must be eliminated, because it creates an illusion that we are all one and the same, when in reality, we are very much different. I concluded that anyone can challenge any idea with the right preparation and
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