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An obstacle that my mother has faced is being Black Muslim women in America. It 's more of a problem than what reaches the surface and mainstream media. It 's rarely talked about in America. In america there are people who want to smear our entire faith and say that Islam is an inherently violent religion. These are exciting times to be an American Muslim. My mom said it was harder for her getting a job from being a black woman and her religious beliefs. Two negatives that have been around before she was boring the civil rights movement and women 's suffrage. I’m not here to talk about her being black, but being a Muslim women in america. The easy target for prejudice and violence and harsh words from uneducated people in the world and in …show more content…

It’s easy to be bigoted when you’re ignorant, so the easiest way is education. This isn’t so much a battle of what it means to be a Muslim in America. It’s a greater battle between broader America, of how tolerant and open minded they will be about minorities, about American values, about recognizing how true they want to be to the American values of openness and freedom for all. This really isn’t that much about small populations of Americans. It’s actually for the greater population of Americans. They define what Americans are going to be and what America is going to be like How tolerant are they going to be? How open are they going to be? Muslims are the defendant , and they are the jury. We need to also call out the media for confusing the public and causing mass terror. The media does more damage and cause mass terror than actual terrorists. they blow everything out proportion. they don 't actually show real news they twist everything for personal gain to increase views. We can 't make change if the news are biased. CNN for example has been the subject of several controversies at various points throughout its history. If the news are educating the mass population in a negative way how can we really make a change even a

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