Of Mice And Men Discrimination Essay

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Mice and men essay

Our society tends to disregard the need to have an open mind. This has caused our current perspective to be tainted with discrimination. In the novel Of Mice and Men, Discrimination is present when an individual accepts appearance rather than personality.This present through the character of Crooks, who choose to comply to racism. Crook’s character is being discriminated due to his skin color which soon caused him to be disregarded. Although at a certain point, Crooks stood up but no good has come to him. Challenging discrimination is strenuous, however it is necessary in order for an individual to advance.

One of the most lousy assumption made during the novel’s time period is the hierarchy between the color of men. …show more content…

The most common places where discrimination occur is at school or workplace. As for me, racism is rather a common concept. During elementary, I was the only asian in my class therefore they thought that I was skilled in every subject. However, they did not know that I didn 't have any idea what was going on. The next day, I start hearing labels about me. One person called my “nerd” while others called me “glasses”. After that day, I felt sick so I decided to stay home. When I got back to school, I asked someone what I missed and they said “ you should know that right ”. Ever since then, I got scared of asking questions. I conquer my fear during junior high since my friends proved, that stereotypes is just a hurdles that I can get over with. Every Time I recall these memories, It just makes me feel stronger and satisfied since it helped me to become myself .Finally,discrimination is necessary in order for an individual to achieve one’s goal.

In the novel, Of Mice and Men, Discrimination is a tool used to encourage the American dream. This is evident through the character of Crooks since he has the determination to resist bigotry in order to protect his belongings. In addition one can overcome discrimination, if they have a strong support behind them. Lastly, an individual should overcome discrimination to achieve one’s goal. In conclusion, bigotry are hurdles that an individual

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