World Religion Changes

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Changes in Other World Religions
[The Islamic Religion]
[By Tristan 8D]
Religions can change in many ways and for many reasons. Sometimes they change because of small impacts and beliefs of individuals that were seen and agreed with by the society. Other times it could be a war or a protest of a society that changes Religions. Most of the time, these changes have a big impact on the future and the lives of the people in that society because the people strongly believe in their gods and beliefs and would do anything for them. However, religions can also change when the countries that follow a certain religion develop by gaining knowledge, influence, and power.

The Islamic religion has been around for over 14 hundred years and is known for …show more content…

They respect their god more than anything and believe that people live to obey god. The main practices of Islam focus on the five pillars of Islam: Declaration of Faith, obligatory prayer, compulsory giving, Fasting in the month of Ramadan and Pilgrimage to Mecca: which include several holidays and rituals. Beliefs are important to Islam. They mainly care about the right beliefs about god, the right beliefs about humanity and the right beliefs about the universe. Something that Islam, Christianity and Judaism have in common, is that they all believe that there is only one god (which makes them monotheistic), which obviously lead to conflicts between the religions. The central idea of Islam is that there is only one god, named Allah (which translates to “The God” from Arabic). Just like Christianity, Islam believes in the afterlife. They believe that on the day of their death, they will be determined whether they will go to Heaven (Paradise) or …show more content…

A Reformation is the action or process of something developing or reforming especially in an institution or practice. This means that both of these Reformations are alike because they both Reformed their cultures, religious beliefs and understandings, way of life, traditions and rituals and both gained overall knowledge and development through trade and the spread of ideas after the change in their religion. The protestant Reformation was a change that didn’t only affect the Christian religion, but also the changed the political, cultural and intellectual parts of Europe that made it what we know it as today. You could say that establishing the Qur’an, was like Martin Luther and his “95 theses”. Because both actions made a generally positive change to both the society, culture, government and religion. Overall we have learned that Religions can change in good and bad ways, that can lead to good or bad things. In conclusion, the Islamic religion has developed massively over time, has grown with knowledge and influence and has impacted many people's beliefs and lives, which is why it is one of the biggest religions in the world today. Even though they developed and changed so much over time, they still managed to keep their individual culture and traditions

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