Islamic Religion Changes

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Changes in Other World Religions [The Islamic Religion] [By Tristan 8D] Religions can change in many ways and for many reasons. Sometimes they change because of small impacts and beliefs of individuals that were seen and agreed with by the society. Other times it could be a war or a protest of a society that changes Religions. Most of the time, these changes have a big impact on the future and the lives of the people in that society because the people strongly believe in their gods and beliefs and would do anything for them. However, religions can also change when the countries that follow a certain religion develop by gaining knowledge, influence, and power. The Islamic religion has been around for over 14 hundred years and is known for…show more content…
When the Islamic Religion was created, it forever changed the Islamic world’s way of life, influencing the people to live a united lifestyle and follow the Five Pillars of Islam. (Declaration of Faith, obligatory prayer, compulsory giving, Fasting in the month of Ramadan, Pilgrimage to Mecca). Around this time (600-1000 C.E), the rules of slavery, social security, practices, inheritance and wealth, women's rights, marriage and adoption changed in a way that it was equal and fair for the Islamic people. Throughout the years, the Islamic religion had expanded beyond its previous state through cultural diffusion, war and it's the massive trading system that was created for intercontinental trade. As Islam spread and took more territory, it gained more and more knowledge. Islam expanded and interacted with Asia, the Mediterranean, Africa, and the Byzantine Empire. All this territory allowed them to establish trade routes, which boosted their communications with travelers, diplomats, merchants and more. Women's rights were also established giving them the power to get a divorce, inherit property, receive education and more (These were all rights they didn’t have before). As Islam spread, so did its culture and religion setting great influence on Eurasia making it the great Religion we know it as today. All these changes increased their knowledge, awareness, communication and connection, and influence on people’s religious beliefs and understanding. The fact that they evolved their Religion so much but still managed to keep their traditions and individual culture is proof that they turned into a complex and spiritual

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