Compare And Contrast Christianity And Islam

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Christianity and Islam share many similarities with a few fundamental differences. Both religions follow monotheism, though in Islam it is much stricter. Jesus and Gabriel are focal points for Christianity and Islam respectively. God and Allah stand for the same higher power and basis for religion. In Islam, the five pillars are the main difference just as Mary is the mother of Jesus and the beginning of the Christian religions teachings. Also in Christianity, the story of Adam and Eve is synonymous with sin. In 1099 a considerable conflict occurred to drive a wedge between the religions. The event was the Crusades, and it resulted in the slaughter of a majority of the inhabitants and the seizing of Jerusalem.
Islam and Christianity share the similar value of being monotheistic and worshipping a single God. Allah in Islam stands for God and carries the same meaning as in Christianity. In Islam, the angel Gabriel spoke to Mohammed and encouraged him to preach to the people and spread the word of Allah. Jesus was said to be the son of God but spoke almost exclusively to Jews (Woodhead, 2004, p 11). The prophets, Mohammed and Jesus, are looked at as symbols of God or Allah. These prophets serve as voices that guide their people 's actions through scripture.
The five pillars of Islam stand as a significant difference from Christianity. Just as in Christianity, Jesus ' mother Mary, is looked upon as an essential figure of the religion. Islam 's five pillars consist of a

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