How Did Islam Affect The Spread Of Islam?

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On pages 222 is a map of the Muslim travel pattern over the Byzantine and Persian Empires. However, on page 283 there is a map of Islamic conquests over a short period. Both reveal the spread of Islamic religion went very fast with the amount of conquering taking place before 1500 AD. The main key factor was, "...admitting non-Arabs to the faith and about maintaining the cultural distinction between conquerors and conquered" (Morillo, p. 221) By keeping a distinct difference between the Muslim Arabs and non-Muslim Arabs was important. Those that did not wish to convert to Muslim focused on the contract Muhammad made to give non-Muslim Arabs their freedom. Many nomadic Arabs helped with their travel and trade. Spread of new traditions by the nomads helped shape Islam before the Islamic Empire formed which also made a big impact. …show more content…

The most different part is how they traveled across hundreds of miles on sand, and of cause they had no car. So there were major concerns like heat exhaustion, heat sickness, lack of water resources, and the possibility of them losing their way through the desert sand. Travailing by boat is not so different from today but it has its own trails like heavy rain and strong winds to face. However, Ibn Battuta 's had to rely heavily on those he met along the way. Any resource needed was provided by fellow Islamic believers. They all know the journey is hard and kindly express their encouragement by providing food, clothing, water, and much more to the travelers. Other travelers possibly exchange or offer things they have extra of to others along the way. This provides us with the strong scene that Ibn Battuta shows us that the journey taken is hard but with a firm grasp on faith any trail can be

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