Essay On Feminism In Islam

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A. PREAMBLE The terrorist attack on September 11, 2001 has sparked intense curiosity and interest in the world especially the West to learn and investigate the religion of Islam. The Muslim people are portrayed as violent and barbaric, and Islam as oppressive and antithesis to human rights values. Thus, escalation of public opinion about Islam has encouraged debates and forums, and also stirred demonstrations and movements which have compelled the Muslims to speak out their minds and interpret and recast their texts viz. Quran and Sunnah of prophet Mohammad and even question and challenge the prevailing culture and practices, and domineering structures. Subsequently, Muslim countries, particularly the Middle Eastern region, have come under …show more content…

• Feminism is about contesting systemic inequalities, and seeking equal treatment and opportunity for both genders. • Feminism is not against marriage but respect individual informed choice and does not believe in double standard in judging a person’s conduct. • Feminists acknowledge that equal rights translate into equal accountability. Although feminism continues to be non-monolithic and contentious, it has made several progress and created new worlds of possibility for working women, education, empowerment and even arts. For many, feminist movement is about giving women liberty, equal opportunity and control over their own destiny. C. ISLAMIC FEMINISM In many Muslim countries, the “f” word (feminism) has sparked tensions, conjuring images of domineering, family-hating woman; similar to other labels such as “Muslim” conjuring images of subjugated woman in the mind of the West. Although these stereotypes are true in a specific historical context, these may not be so when compared to a larger reality. Thus, this does not justify the hostility that follows. In fact, the term Islamic feminism becomes a global phenomenon during 1990s and is a contrast to secular

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