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The book entitled “Islam the Misunderstood Religion” written by Muhammed Qutb is a book talks about how the world, mostly the non Muslim communities, see Islam from their perspectives. This book means to clarify those wrong perspectives. The book can be read both by Muslim and non Muslim. According to my understanding, this book is divided into two main topics; Islam and ideologies, and Islam and applications. Islam and ideologies parts talk about how people correlate Islam with feudalism, capitalism, idealism and communism. Moreover, the parts of Islam and applications talk about Islamic daily applications such as woman, civilizations, freedom of thought and etc. In this modern era when people measure and see everything from scientific perspective and rely much on ratio, religion is considered as an antique lifestyle. It is also applicable on Islam that considered as religion done with its duty to reform the Arabs. In fact and my opinion, this understanding is totally wrong. As it said in the book by Qutb, I argue that Islam is not an antique thing. Even though Islam is considered done with the Arabs, but it will be never done with the people. The rules in Islam are …show more content…

As a female Muslim (Muslimah) I became the witness of how western questioned Islam. They always ask about my right and my obligation to follow the rules of my religion. In their perspective, Islam violates my right when it comes to get my own decision. In fact, they see this point of view as the outsiders rather than the way a muslimah sees it. I honestly feel that Islam is the best religion that gives security to the woman. For instance about the hijab, westerners think hijab is a form of restraint for a woman. On the contrary it is a form of protection offered by Islam. We cannot deny that woman is the main target of a bunch list of criminalities. Hijab actually protects woman by covering the most attractive part of

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