Differences Between Dar Al-Islam, West Africa And Europe

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In this research paper I am going to talk about three issues,which are Dar al-Islam,West Africa and Europe. I am going to explain what happened during the 15th and 16th century with the three of them and how they interacted with each other.The interaction of dar al-Islam and Europe led to many important occasions including the discovery of the Americas,its colonization and the beginning of the slave trade. I will discuss the exchange, clashes, and what happened between these two "universes" that in the end affected West Africa and the whole world. Dar al-Islam is a term that refers to “the home of islam”.So it refers to those countries where muslims can practice their religion as the ruling sect.The ottomans by 1520 were…show more content…
They had build many libraries that contained translations of books from other cultures and also original documents.The main sports were turkish wrestling,hunting,archery,swimming and horseback riding,They are still known for their beautiful architecture. Besides Istanbul ,examples of ottoman architecture of the classical period can be seen in Egypt,Tunisia,the Balkans,etc.Mostly mosques and bridges were built on those places.Their architecture was influenced by Persian,Islamic and Byzantine…show more content…
They ended up on the Bahamas islands not knowing that they had discovered a new land soon to be known as the Americas.The people that lived there were named Indians.This ended up to be one of the greatest discoveries with positive and negative impacts on the world.People realized the church and other religions weren’t right about everything.The church's theory was that after you pass the ocean there is nothing and you’ll fall down.Everyone that didn’t have the same opinion or wanted to prove the church wrong would be punished.When Columbus discovered the new unlimited land , people found that there was no reason for wars anymore and that reduced the power of church.Since this happened no scientist that would object the church was crucified or punished. And one of the conqencuences of this discovery was the beggining of slave trade.The Atlantic slave trade was the act of millions of black people bought by europians in West Africa and sold in the new world.It continued until the 19th century and it got its name because the slaves were transported with ships that sailed through the Atlantic ocean.Europeans also build

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