Atlantic World Essay

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The Atlantic world from 1492 to 1750 experienced economic and social transformations due to new contacts among the major continents that bordered the Atlantic Ocean. Western Europe, Africa, and the Americas saw dramatic economic and social changes caused by the slave trade, the increase of trade, and the Europeans “discovery” of America. The Atlantic world experienced great Economic changes created by the new global connections established between continents that allowed the expansion of trades, slave trades, and the claiming of land. Due to the new found connections the participants of trade all over the world brought home new goods, mainly from Europe, and materials previously never seen before or goods they were in need of. Some of these …show more content…

Before the Atlantic slave trade, there existed the Islamic slave trade in Africa. The majority of the merchants of Islamic religion and captured slaves which they then sold in ports surrounding the Indian Ocean and Arabia. After all this new connections between Europe and the Americas were founded expanding the slave trade to new regions of the world. Africans started to enslave their own people to sell at ports with foreigners that came from Europe and the Americas. In Africa Political leaders participated in the capture of slaves which led to civil wars and fights with in the countries. The separation of political leaders and people weakened the social structure of Africa. America also had great social changes in their society. After the slave trade was already established slave revolts and resistance asking for better social positions in the society lead to improvements of the people’s view of slaves that would late pay off after slavery was abolished. Culture and traditions were also spread throughout Europe and the Americas because of slave trade and trade in general. Europeans also spread their own culture and technology to the Native tribes that lived in the Americas before the Europeans helping them better establish new ways of ruling and creating social structures. In Europe the introduction of new crops greatly increased the outcome for agriculture. This meant that

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