English Colonies Dbq

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2. Describe the similarities and differences between English Colonies established in the late 1600s (p.82-83) 4 restoration colonies, proprietorships, were granted by King Charles II: New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Carolina All colonies had the idea of restoring monarchy Proprietors ruled the colonies as they wanted with the consideration of the English law Most colonies followed the Church of England’s teaching while Pennsylvania reflected on the Quaker belief Quakers believed in “inner light” and gender equality in both religion and politics This made Pennsylvania as the most democratic and open colony among them 3. Explain the Navigation Act and how it impacted the colonies (p.84-85) Navigation Act limited trade with other countries…show more content…
Explain how the South Atlantic System developed and its impact on England, Africa and the colonies (91-94) Surge of commerce and agriculture products for international trading demanded for more slaves Sugar rapidly advanced the economy of colonies with the development of profitable vast sugarcane plantation This lead to the increased need for labor: slave trade England acquired great wealth from slave trade and their exports of tobacco and sugar with the aid of the Navigation Acts Colonies with adept climate flourished with slave and agriculture Africa supplied most of the slaves in which ⅔ are men causing gender disproportion and polygamy African leaders seized people and sold them as slaves for weaponry Caused inhumanity and brutality to…show more content…
Describe the workings of the colonial assemblies. How did these assemblies operate with the understanding of salutary neglect? (105-106) Rich colonists made up the colonial assemblies wherein they also helped on producing policies for the legislation Gave their opinions to the governor in the intention of controlling the colonies and effectively gain profits Held votations in order to appoint people into the assembly With the advancement that trading had done in their economy, the government softened with the imposement of laws 13. What was done to protect the mercantile system by England and explain the colonists’ reactions. (107-110) After Walpole’s idea to subsidize Georgie, in order to get power on the trade system back, the War of Jenkin’s Ear between Spain and Britain took place Spain opposed to the expansion British is making since British smuggling was eminent already and Spain wanted trade rights European wars were mostly caused by claim of land: France wanted the sugar islands of the Britain Britain restrains the colonies to trade with other countries Colonists continued trading with French and bought cheap molasses from them Britain resulted in passing tax on imported goods called the Molasses Act which made the colonists gain less
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