13 Colonies Essay

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English Colonization wasn’t smooth sailing. It began with failure and had almost no organization. Each colony followed the same pattern of Jamestown, a major disaster then a long climb toward a feasible economy and a stable self-government. They used mercantilism as a main way to keep the economy healthy. As this shows, the three colonial regions of the 13 colonies all are very similar. The three colonial regions all made peace or alliances with the Natives, practiced their own religions, and gained freedoms they had not previously been granted. The first things that all the colonists had encountered in their journey to settle America, was of course the Natives. The three colonies all had similar relations with the Natives by developing good …show more content…

That road took a sharp turn when colonizing in America, for many new freedoms were picked up along the way. In the New England colonies, Salem, their were many witch trials that resulted in killing many “witches.” Some accused of witchcraft had been innocent, yet they were still killed. Finally, they imprisoned were freed thanks to Cotton Mather, who gave a sermon that convinced the Puritans to let the accused go. Along with that, the witches heirs were given compensation for the loss of their family. The Glorious Revolution resulted in the Middle Colonies gaining many freedoms including the following: power to show different religions, political beliefs, elect their own leaders and have their own styles of life. The revolution overthrew King James II of England, and freed the colonists that had been caged in by rules in their previous life. The Southern Colonies made it possible for anybody to come over to the America’s and be free, but also this solution helped them colonize, produce more tobacco, and other necessities. Some people couldn’t afford to colonize in the new world, and they were stuck under the rule of England. They were offered free land, clothing, life stock,ship fare and tools if they worked for 7 years for the planters to pay it all back. After 7 years of hard work, they were then able to be free and start a life of their own. All these freedoms, helped to

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