LEQ: Colonists In New England

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LEQ prompt 1 During the period between 1607 and 1754, the British had established colonies in North America, inspired by the riches and wealth gained by the Spanish upon the conquest of the Aztecs and Incas in the 16th century, the early British settlements had hoped for the same riches and discoveries in the northern Americas. The first successful permanent settlement was established in Jamestown Virginia, and as time advances the English established thirteen colonies divided geographically into three regions: new England, middle and southern colonies. Socially the English colonists were similar by the means that they shared an English heritage but differed greatly in lifestyle, politically and economically the colonies had many differences, …show more content…

Colonists who came to America differed greatly in backgrounds and settled for various reasons: Colonist in the New England Colony came to America primarily because they were religious reformers and separatist seeking a new way of life; the Middle Colony was inhabited by a tolerant and diverse group of people with different backgrounds; And the Southern Colony was mainly inhabited by English aristocrats, small farmers, and slaves. Because each colonial region inhabited different groups of colonists the social development differed greatly in each region. New England was founded on the Puritan faith and maintained a strong sense of faith, family, and community. New Englan was very strict on enforcing a strong sense Puritan religion, the lifestyle of colonist revolved around the puritan faith, so much so, it was referred to the "city upon a hill". Contrasting greatly with the New England Colony, the Middle Colony was greatly social and religiously diverse. Founder of Pennsylvania, William Penn, a quaker, promoted religious tolerance, a key factor to the social development of this region, seeing that it was so tolerant the middle colony invited a large group of people and developing a social class were merchants are upper class, craftsmen as middle class, and sailors or unskilled workers as lower class. Social development in the southern colonies also differed greatly from the other colonial regions, Because of the inhabitants of this colonial region, the social order was very rigid where plantation owners are upper class, farmers as the middle class, and then Slaves at the very bottom. One similarity the British colonies all had was, the colonist all viewed themselves part of the English

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