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  • Homosexuality In Africa

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    made the first most influential observation on the absence of homosexuality in Africa, in a study published in 1781: “I believe and hope, that the Negroes in their own country were exempt from this moral pestilence.” Even as recently as 1982, there was an assumption that the African society was heterosexual and homosexuality did not exist. However, evidence that there were same-sex relationships in pre-colonial Africa exists. Studies in books such as "Boy Wives and Female Husbands" have found

  • Conflict In Africa

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    excluded from the developmental process, competition for political power, clashing of religious, political or social values. Africa has seen its fair share of conflict which is ethnic based rebellion against state, coup de tats, varying religious ideologies etc. but the appropriation and exploitation of natural resources has been fingered as a leading cause for the wars in Africa. Using the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) as a case study, this essay explores how the existence of

  • Africa In The 1500s

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    Africa, a country that throughout history is recognized through poverty and hunger. Africa has had its ups and downs throughout history. In this essay we are going to dig deep within Africa’s history to the 1500s. Seeing how and what Africa has had to endure as a country.This includes external conflicts as well as internal conflicts. First,let's focus on Africa’s cultures. Africa has an estimate of over 800 native languages,yet the most commonly spoken language in the 1500s was Swahili. Other languages

  • Consumption In Africa

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    Over the past two decades, Africa has been considered by many to be rising. This notion has surfaced due to the fact that a few African countries have been remarkable in developing their economies, infrastructure and standards of living, thereby, substantially impressing other continents. However, it is very unfortunate that the majority of African countries still live in poverty and their economies are not doing so well. The existence of poverty and poor economies in Africa should be a serious area

  • Racism In Africa

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    conquest of the African continent between the late 1800’s and 1914? “Power mixed with cunningness creates poison cocktail. While power with cleverness makes a perfect pilot whale.” (Stephen Thompson, Ph.D., n.d.). In the imperialistic conquest of Africa this quote proved accurate. The Western Europeans gain power over Africans, however the way they controlled their power, with inhumane, racist and selfish actions mean’t the colonies were bound to failure. In the conquest for colonies racism and ethnocentrism

  • Slavery In Africa

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    wandering Hottentots . Besides the obvious economic contribution made to the Cape, the slaves impacted many other sectors of life as well. For example, those slaves brought from Malaya brought along Islam, one of the most prominent religions in South Africa today and is still growing at a considerable rate. The inter-racial relationships between Dutch sailors and slaves in the origin of South Africa’s well-known coloured

  • Metals In Africa

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    Copper, iron and gold were the raw metals that have been worked in Africa for more than two millenniums. They were and still are the commodities consumed by civilisation, which are anchored upon metallurgy. Metals have played a large and significant role during the pre-industrial period through the establishment of trade routes, accumulation of wealth and also knowledge transfer which was implemented through a society known as the ‘Brotherhood’. Objects of iron, gold and copper have always been key

  • Colonization In Africa

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    The colonizing of society in eastern Africa started from very early age. It was a long colonizing process from early Iron Age cultures to more complicated ones. During the periods, colonizers from different regions gradually migrated into eastern Africa. Bantu-speaking cultivators increased their human resources and developed the required skills to colonize new territories and assimilated people from various areas. Additionally, ancestors of the modern Sukuma and Nyamwezi with specialized skills

  • Urbanization In Africa

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    Despite global uncertainty and economic outlook remaining melancholy, resilient economic growth continues in Africa, but not without challenges. Africa needs foreign investment to establish stable markets, create jobs and opportunities as well as to enhance economic growth and innovation, and although there has been a strident increase of investors interested in Africa over the past few years, much of that investment has been stalled by a number of factors, including; a lack of infrastructure

  • Apartheid In Africa

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    Introduction This research task aims to investigate the extent to which apartheid was economically unsustainable. The research will be based on sources with reference to the effect international divestments and economic sanctions placed on South Africa, as well as the internal structure of the apartheid system and it’s impact on the South African economy. Apartheid was set up in a way where black labour was used to exploit the resources of the country, which included mineral resources such as

  • Hunger In Africa

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    the solution for it is available. General view on Hunger : 1 Definition: a compelling need or desire for food. 2 Where does it live: Hunger is affecting around 75 countries. The five regions with the highest number of hungry people : Sub-Saharan Africa took the first place in the hunger people population that is about (23.8 percent), the second place were

  • Essay On Starvation In Africa

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    Starvation in Africa Around 700,000 children younger than the age of five face starvation in Kenya alone. 1.4 million kids could die this year in three African countries, and 10.9 million are in need of humanitarian assistance in the Lake Chad Basin. In Africa right now, millions are facing famine, malnutrition, and starvation(Huber). Although some efforts are being made to help countries in Africa struggling with food insecurity because of issues like poverty, conflict, and natural disasters

  • Essay On AIDS In Africa

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    Africa is by far, struggling the most with its ongoing battle with AIDS. In comparison with the rest of the world, they have the largest number of infected people. Throughout the years, millions of people are catching this virus and nothing seems to be getting done to prevent it. In the US they’re are discussion groups and early childhood classes on safe sex and how AIDS and HIV can be contracted. When the time comes that young adults are beginning to become sexually active they need to take the

  • Examples Of Inequality In Africa

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    The Inequality in Africa By: Nicolas Oka August 29, 2014 English 8B Mr.J Back in the old days, inequality was a serious problem with the Africans because as the Europeans had discovered and colonized Africa, they start to destroy and persecute in Africa. Thousands of Africans had lost their lives because they have worked very hard but got no profit. And as the Europeans grew bigger, the Africans grew smaller. The Europeans had plenty of resources, had invested tons of

  • Violence In West Africa

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    Introduction West Africa is an United Nations subregion that includes eighteen states located in the westernmost part of the African continent. Up to the end of World War II, the region was under the colonialist influence of Europe, specifically France, and the newfound independence left many states suffering from severe political instability, leaving the doors open for a series of brutal conflicts such as the Nigerian civil war, two Liberian civil wars, or the Sierra Leone civil war. Extreme levels

  • The Importance Of Agriculture In Africa

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    function properly, and it is also extremely delicious. If Africa´s cultivated land

  • Vertical Farming In Africa

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    Introduction 1.1. Research Question How can the process of farming be improved to assist in solving the problem of food insecurity in Africa? 1.2. Hypothesis Vertical farming is a more effective method of farming as it reduces farming time and increases yield. Vertical farming can be used as an alternative to traditional farming methods in the urban cities of Africa to solve the problem of food insecurity. 1.3. Aim The aim of the research is to consider a global crisis of food insecurity and proposing

  • Cause Of Poverty In Africa

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    active life and that 's about one in nine people on earth. Sub-Saharan Africa is the region with the highest prevalence (percentage of population) of hunger and one person in four there is undernourished (World Food Programme). In some countries in Africa continent such as Liberia and Congo more than 90% of its population is living with less than two dollars a day (THE WORLD BANK). The world nowadays seems to be full of food, but Africa is still highly suffering from hunger. WHY? The causes of African

  • Poverty In South Africa

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    following text, I will examine the poverty in South Africa, and the rest of the world and find out how bad it is. I will also try to find out how they can grow away from the poverty. Another thing I have been wondering about, is why the rich inhabitants, will not help the poor, in their own country. Nowadays, Africa has just become a symbol of poverty, even though it is not all the inhabitants in Africa that are living in poverty. Most of the people in Africa live in poverty, approximately 70% of all the

  • The Importance Of Islam In Africa

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    Africa was the primary mainland, outside of Arabia that Islam spread into in the mid seventh century. Just about 33% of the world's Muslim populace dwells in the landmass. Muslims crossed current Djibouti, Somalia and Eritrea to look for shelter in present-day Ethiopia amid the Hijarat. Most Muslims in Africa are Sunni; the unpredictability of Islam in Africa is uncovered in the different schools of thought, customs, and voices in numerous African nations. African Islam is not static and is continually