Sultan Suleyman The Magnificent Essay

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Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent Suleyman the Magnificent ruled from 1520 to 1566 and was known for expanding the Ottoman Empire on to three continents. Suleyman was the tenth Ottoman sultan and during his reign his empire was the most powerful empire of all time(Hays 1). Suleyman was born in Trabzon and was the only living son of Sultan Selim who was known as Selim the Grim. Suleiman was known as a extraordinary military leader and he is known for his knowledge and wisdom. During Suleyman’s reign the Ottoman Empire reached its maximum power. Suleyman made the Ottoman Empire the most powerful empire in history by concurring three different continents and constructing the Golden age of the empire. This magnificent sultan had it all and his amazing legacy is still told today, which is remarkable(Hays 1). Suleyman was born September 6, 1494 in Trabzon, In addition “Suleyman was born two years after Columbus have sailed to America”(Hays 2). Suleyman had a hard …show more content…

During his era the Ottoman Empire experienced spectacular economic growth and that lead up to the golden age of the Ottoman empire(Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent. 1). This age was filled with knowledge and wisdom and the culture was mixed with different backgrounds of people and religion. Sultan Suleyman had a lot of nicknames and one of them is the lawmaker as Suleyman was the first sultan to create law and rules, before Suleyman other Sultans would follow the rules of the Holy Quran only, but Suleyman saw that creating new rules that are mixed with the sharia and it was called Kanun. During the golden age of the Ottoman Empire experienced new arts, different cultures and religions which shaped the empire in a way that it can interact with the people in a positive way by letting everyone live in peace and by their beliefs(Yalman, Suzan

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