Compare And Contrast Ottoman And Ming Empires

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All empires in history had a high in their history but they all eventually came to their demise. The Ottoman Empire and the Ming Dynasty both had ways they gained, consolidated and maintained their power while they were at their highest point. They had significant leaders that lead to these successful points. The Ottoman Empire covered parts of Asia, Europe and Africa controlled by their leader named Suleiman. He founded the Ottoman Empire from the Crusades. They gained power by using their advanced army and advanced weapons to attack other cities and conquer them. They consolidated by establishing trade relationships with other places to keep up their economic structure. They were able to maintain their power because Suleiman allowed freedom of religion of his conquered people and he established a fair political structure. …show more content…

Zhu Yuanzhang led a very strong and powerful army to take control of the Yuan Dynasty and they were successful. That led them to gain power. They consolidated by trading and it was even more beneficial to them since they were in Asia and near the water so it was easy for them to use boats to travel and trade. They also secured their borders from their enemies by building the Great Wall of China. They managed to maintain power by allowing everyone in the empire freedom of religion and fair rules and they had good economic income from trading. In final analysis, the Ming Dynasty and the Ottoman Empire were great empires while they lasted. Their leaders had a lot to do with their success. The order in their economic and political structure was crucial to maintaining their empires. Their history will always have an effect on the modern day continents of Asia, Europe and

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